2GIG-GC2E-KIT-CLTEV - 2GIG GC2e Cellular Verizon LTE Wireless Security System (Powered by Alarm.com)

2GIG GC2e Cellular Verizon LTE Wireless Security System (Powered by Alarm.com)
2GIG GC2e Cellular Verizon LTE Wireless Security System (Powered by Alarm.com)
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GC2e Wireless Control Panel (2GIG-GC2e-345):  GC2e Alarm Battery (2GIG-BATT2X):  GC2e Power Transformer (2GIG-AC2-PLUG):  GC2e Alarm.com Cellular LTE Communicator (2GIG-LTEV1-A-GC2)*:  Wireless Door/Window Contact (2GIG-DW10e-345):  Wireless Motion Detector (2GIG-PIR1e-345): 
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2GIG GC2e System Description:

The 2GIG GC2e eSeries security and control panel sets the standard for exceptional performance and delivers true peace of mind. With our GC2e, enjoy the proven performance and trustworthiness of the original 2GIG GC2 panel, along with new features that make life as a DIYer even easier. With improvements like eSeries encrypted compatibility, an entirely new sleek design, larger capacitive 5" touchscreen, and our best-in-class 2-way voice, business and homeowners alike will appreciate the peace of mind they get from their 2GIG GC2e experience.

Regardless of the property type that you plan on installing the 2GIG GC2e panel in, it can expand when the time comes. The GC2e can add up to 64 users, 8 keyfobs, 4 keypads, 60 wireless zones and even has one wired zone input. 2GIG has developed a wide range of wireless eSeries encrypted sensors which may be added to the GC2e panel, together with older non-encrypted 2GIG and Honeywell 5800-Series security sensors if desired.

The GC2e panel can also integrate up to 232 total Z-Wave and Z-Wave Plus sensors, so users can take control of their home automation. For more complete automation, users also can create and execute scenes and schedules. Additionally, for video surveillance solutions, the 2GIG GC2e can integrate with the full-line of Alarm.com security cameras and video doorbells that are powered by the Alarm.com app.

Product Features:

  • Enlarged, brighter 5" screen for better viewing and user experience
  • eSeries encrypted sensors provide enhanced security
  • Enhanced user interface with capacitive touch technology
  • Elegant industrial design that blends in with today's lifestyle
  • Expanded smart home ecosystem with Z-Wave Plus and S2 encryption
  • Exceptional field-proven reliability and performance
  • Front-firing speaker delivers exceptional audio performance
  • Easy upgrades for traditional 2GIG and other legacy 345 sensors
  • Installer programming features and flow stay the same
  • Backward compatible with all GC2 sensors for easy upgrades
  • Includes an Alarm.com Verizon Cellular LTE 4G radio
  • Alarm.com interactive platform compatible

* Items listed above with an asterisk symbol require a subscription to Alarm.com powered by GeoArm.

2GIG GC2e System Documents:

Control Panel:

2GIG-GC2e-345 - GC2e Wireless Control Panel Data Sheet
2GIG-GC2e-345 - GC2e Wireless Control Panel Fingertip Guide
2GIG-GC2e-345 - GC2e Wireless Control Panel Installation/Programming Guide
2GIG-GC2e-345 - GC2e Wireless Control Panel User Guide
2GIG-GC2e-345 - GC2e Wireless Control Panel Z-Wave Installation Guide

Motion Detector:

Installation Instructions for 2GIG-PIR1e-345 Wireless PIR Motion Detector (in English)
Installation Instructions for 2GIG-PIR1e-345 Wireless PIR Motion Detector (in French)
Installation Instructions for 2GIG-PIR1e-345 Wireless PIR Motion Detector (in Spanish)
Installation Instructions for 2GIG-PIR1e-345 Wireless PIR Motion Detector (in Portuguese)

Door/Window Contacts:

2GIG-DW10e-345 Wireless Thin Door/Window Alarm Contact Installation Instructions (in English)
2GIG-DW10e-345 Wireless Thin Door/Window Alarm Contact Installation Instructions (in French)
2GIG-DW10e-345 Wireless Thin Door/Window Alarm Contact Installation Instructions (in Spanish)
2GIG-DW10e-345 Wireless Thin Door/Window Alarm Contact Installation Instructions (in Portuguese)

2GIG GC2e System Specifications:


  • 5" capacitive touchscreen
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Quick Arm
  • Dedicated Home & Emergency Buttons


  • eSeries Sensors
  • 60 Wireless Zones
  • 1 Wired Zones
  • 8 Keyfobs
  • 4 Keypads
  • Wired Bell Output
  • 64 Users


  • Replaceable cell radio with snap-on antenna
  • 4G LTE - Verizon Network


  • Integrated Z-Wave Plus radio with S2 Security
  • Supports up to 232 Z-Wave devices
  • Create and execute Scenes


  • Third-hand strap
  • Integrated level
  • Easy-to-align center mark
  • Same programming as GC2


  • 2GIG Intrusion Sensors
  • 2GIG Life Safety Sensors
  • 2GIG Notification Sensors
  • 2GIG TS1
  • GoControl Z-Wave Compatible Products


  • 100-240VAC 50/60Hz 1.7A 14VDC adapter
  • Ni-MH backup battery: 2000 mAH (included), 2400 mAH (optional)
  • Operating Temperature: 32°F to 104°F (0°C to 40°C)


  • UL985, UL1023, UL1635, UL1610
  • ULC C1023, ULC S545-02 (Canada)
  • ANSI/SIA CP-01 2010
  • CSFM


  • Panel warranty: Limited 3 years

Firmware Updates:

  • Over-the-air
  • Update Tool
  • PC Update Tool

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