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GEOARM's professional central station provides professional nationwide alarm monitoring starting at just $8 a month for business and home security. With over 300,000 and counting, our central station monitors homes and businesses of all sizes across the United States and Canada against burglary, commercial fire, medical alert and more. Our state-of-the-art monitoring facility and alarm services, were awarded the prestigious five-diamond certification by the Central Station Alarm Association (CSAA). Simply put, superior alarm monitoring dispatch services at discounted prices.

No-Term Alarm Monitoring Contracts

Our simple no-term alarm monitoring plans make it easy to find the alarm service that is right for your lifestyle. Take advantages of our risk-free nationwide alarm monitoring services. With GEOARM, you do not have to pay upfront for alarm monitoring services rendered years into the future. Look out and do not sign up for a long-term alarm monitoring contract. Our alarm monitoring plans have no hidden fees or gimmicks. GEOARM's safe and convenient auto-pay saves time and paper. With stamp-less automatic payment and processing for American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa credit cards, our efficient and accurate billing platform helps ensure no late monitoring payments or interest charges. We do not require social security numbers, or run credit checks. Buy your DIY security system online today!

Flexible Alarm Communication Paths

No phone line? No problem! Nowadays there are alternative alarm communication paths such as; VoIP, WiFi, Internet, Cellular or Dual-Path transmission provide a monitoring solution for every existing security system. You can add a compatible 2GIG, AlarmNet Total Connect,, DSC, IpDatatel, Napco, Uplink, Telular, WiFi, Broadband Internet, Cellular or Dual-Paths alarm communicator to your existing security system and eliminate your expensive landline phone bill. There are no third party cellular bills associated with our central station alarm monitoring services. You can say goodbye to hidden fees.

Interactive Alarm Monitoring Apps

Enjoy the newest in alarm technology with emPower services and AlarmNet Total Connect services. Now you can arm, disarm, and view security system status information anytime from anywhere using your iPhone, Blackberry or Android with our interactive alarm services. Additionally, you can set up automatic email & text message notifications of security system events right when it happens to keep you up to date on your business or home security, even when you are not there. Finally, you can control your home automation from your smartphone or any computer. Use our partner AT&T or T-Mobile GSM cellular partner networks to turn on your lights, locks and thermostats. Manage your business or home security with our interactive apps and benefit from the savings on your energy bill.

Wireless Video Monitoring Services

Our wireless video surveillance services give you the ability to watch your property live at any time of the day, from any internet connection or by using your Android, Blackberry or iPhone. Additionally, the security cameras come with a built-in motion detector, and upon activation, they can be programmed to automatically email and/or send a text message notification of the video clip to you the second it happens. See what you are missing with our no-term contract video surveillance services.

Do-It-Yourself Security Systems

Easy to install do-it-yourself security systems make it easy to protect your home or business for the same low alarm monitoring rates. Add hardwired or wireless alarm products to expand your security system at anytime without expensive onsite service calls. With GEOARM, you own your security system and we do not lock you out of your equipment. Have peace of mind knowing, that our DIY security systems come with free technical support for the first year.

Great Customer Service Staff

DIY doesn't mean do it alone. GEOARM's professional alarm technicians take control of all the programming of your security system. Available nationwide, our easy and thorough new or existing alarm system monitoring account setup, helps ensure a smooth transition from your previous alarm monitoring company services to GEOARM's without any lapse on your alarm system monitoring services. Let our technicians takeover your security systems alarm monitoring services.

Save Up to 20% on the Insurance Premium

With a monitored security system, GEOARM can provide your home or business insurance company with an certificate of alarm that could earn you a significant insurance discount. GEOARM business and home alarm monitored clients save up to 20% off their property insurance premium each and every year.

Name Brand Security System Products

Brand name security equipment backed by manufacturer warranties help assure you that you are getting quality products and support at low prices. GEOARM sells and supports new wired, hybrid and wireless 2GIG security systems, Honeywell security systems, Interlogix security systems, DSC security systems and other alarm system products. Have peace of mind knowing our high quality, 2GIG, Honeywell, Interlogix, DSC, and Qolsys security products are built to perform and installed in millions of properties worldwide.

Free Technical Support

GEOARM security products ship free and include free programming for our alarm monitored clients. Take advantage of paying no sales tax on your online security equipment order. Let GEOARM take care of the rest, so that your wired security system, hybrid security system, wireless security system or diy security system is ready to go without any fuss.

*ADT alarm monitoring prices taken from and websites. Statistics compare ADT vs.
GEOARM analog monitoring rates. Competitive costs do not reflect any short-term or temporary pricing offers.

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