What is an Amazon Alexa Voice Assistant Security System?

An Amazon Alexa voice assistant compatible security system is a security system that can be integrated with the Amazon Alexa voice assistant. This means that you can control or monitor your security system using voice commands, such as asking Alexa to arm/disarm the system or check the status of your sensors. Amazon Alexa compatibility can also allow you to integrate your security system with other smart devices in your home or business (e.g. coffee maker).

Amazon Alexa Voice Assistant is compatible with both Alarm.com and Total Connect 2.0, which are cloud-based security and home automation platforms. With the integration of these platforms with Amazon Alexa, you can use voice commands to control your security system, automation, access live video feeds from your cameras and more.

Here are some commands you can use with the Amazon Alexa Voice Assistant:

1. "Arm the security system."
2. "Disarm the security system."
3. "What is the status of the security system?"
4. "Set the alarm for home mode."
5. "Set the alarm for away mode."
6. "Turn on the outdoor lights."
7. "Lock the front door."
8. "Unlock the back door."
9. "What was the last activity on the security system?"
10. "Show me the live feed from the security cameras."

No-Term Contracts? Month-to-Month Subscription Plans Long-Term with Liquidated Damages
New Security Systems? Own the Alarm Equipment on Day 1 Lease the Alarm Equipment for 3 Years
Proprietary Technology? Unlocked Non-Proprietary Equipment Locked Out Proprietary Equipment
Live Operator Service? Optional 24-Hour PRO Central Station Required 24-Hour PRO Central Station
Do-It-Yourself Options? More Flexible DIY Brands and Services Less DIY Brands to Choose and Pick
Free Move Program? Nationwide Coverage is Supported Some Limitations on Coverage Areas
Technical Support? Inexpensive Remote Technicians Costly Onsite Hourly Service Rates