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Update Credit Card on File (for Monthly Billing)
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Billing: Monthly credit card billing will commence either 30 days after placing the order or whenever your alarm system is online with our central station, whichever is the lessor.

Prorated Initial Monitoring Charge: GEOARM's automated billing for alarm monitoring services will begin once the new or existing security system is online for monitoring at our central station or the alarm communicator is registered. If you selected month to month auto-billing, the initial alarm monitoring charge on your credit card will be a prorated amount to include the partial first month and the full second month. Thereafter, the automated alarm monitoring charge will occur approximately five (5) days in advance on the credit card for the upcoming month of service.

Sales Tax Policy: GEOARM does business throughout the United States (US) and collects sales tax according to the particular states applicable law. GEOARM does collect sales tax in the US states of Florida and Maryland, as well as in all provinces throughout the country of Canada. If the law regarding any states sales tax changes, GEOARM is permitted to collect the appropriate sales tax at that time and correctly apply it towards the purchase without notice. In the event that a customer is charged more or less sales tax than the law dictates in his/her specific location, it is the customer's responsibility to notify GEOARM or pay the appropriate taxes.
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