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GeoVDBC - GeoAlarm WiFi Video Doorbell Camera (for GeoCP Control Panel)
List Price: $251.97
Your Price: $167.98
GeoVDBC-B - GeoAlarm Battery-Powered WiFi Video Doorbell Camera
List Price: $284.97
Your Price: $189.98
CAM-DB-HS2-AI  - Alula Connect+ 2K HD WiFi Video Doorbell Camera (in White)
List Price: $350.30
Your Price: $233.54
CAM-DB-JS1  - Alula Connect+ 1080p HD WiFi Video Doorbell Camera (in Black)
List Price: $350.30
Your Price: $233.54
CAMW-WDB - First Alert VX1 HD WiFi Video Doorbell Camera (in White/Gray)
List Price: $283.34
Your Price: $188.89
What are Smart Video Doorbell Cameras?

Smart Video Doorbells
Interactive Real-Time With Your Front Door!

A smart video doorbell is a doorbell equipped with a video camera, two-way audio communication, and internet connectivity. It allows homeowners to see and communicate with visitors from their smartphones, tablets or computers, both inside and outside of their home. Some smart video doorbells also feature motion detection, cloud storage, and integration with other smart home devices, such as smart locks and smart lights, making them an important part of your overall home security system design.

Some key advantages of video doorbells include:

1. Improved Security: Video doorbells allow homeowners to see and communicate with anyone who comes to their door, giving them increased security and allowing them to screen visitors before opening the door.

2. Convenience: Video doorbells allow homeowners to see who is at their door even when they are not home, and can allow for remote unlocking of doors for visitors.

3. Deterrent against Package Theft: With the rise in online shopping, package theft has become a common problem. Video doorbells can capture footage of potential package thieves, deterring them from stealing packages.

4. Peace of Mind: Knowing who is at the door and being able to communicate with them remotely can give homeowners peace of mind, particularly if they are elderly or live alone.

5. Integration with Smart Home Systems: Many video doorbells can be integrated with smart home systems and GeoArm monitoring services too! Allowing homeowners to control their door locks, lights, and other devices with a single app.