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What are Hardwired Security System Products?

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Hardwired security system products are physical devices that are wired into a security system to monitor a specific area or activity. While it is possible for a homeowner with some DIY skills to install hardwired security sensors, it is typically recommended to have a professional install them. A professional installer will have the expertise and tools necessary to correctly wire the sensors and ensure that the system is working properly. Additionally, having a professional installer ensures that the system is installed safely and in compliance with local building codes.

Some of the most common wired security products include:

1. Control Panels: is the central hub of a wired security system. It is the component that receives signals from all of the connected sensors and detectors, and manages the overall system functions.
2. Alarm Keypads: is a device that is used to control and interact with a hardwired security system.
3. Door/Window Contacts: detect when doors or windows are opened or closed and can trigger an alarm.
4. Motion Detectors: detect movement in a space and can trigger an alarm.
5. Glassbreak Detectors: detect the sound of breaking glass and can trigger an alarm.
6. Smoke Detectors: detect the presence of smoke, and provides an early warning when there is a fire.
7. Carbon Monoxide Detectors: detects the presence of carbon monoxide gas in indoor spaces.
8. Heat Detectors: detect excessive heat or rapid increases in temperature, which could be caused by a fire outbreak or other dangerous situations.
9. Sirens: emit a loud, high-pitched noise designed to alert people of a potential danger.
10. Electromagnetic Door Locks: used to control access to a building, room or area by creating a magnetic field that holds the door closed until released.