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What are 4MP HD Security Cameras?

4-Megapixel Resolution
for High-Quality Video Surveillance

4MP security cameras are surveillance cameras that capture video in 4-megapixel resolution. This means they provide a high-quality image that is clearer and more detailed than traditional 1080p cameras. They are often used for indoor and outdoor monitoring of homes, businesses, and public areas, as they offer a higher level of security and better coverage. Many 4MP cameras also come with advanced features such as infrared night vision, motion detection, and two-way audio communication.

There are several good reasons to use 4MP security cameras:

1. Higher Resolution: The main reason to choose a 4MP security camera is the higher resolution which provides a clearer and more detailed image than traditional 1080p cameras. This is especially important when trying to identify small details or when capturing footage in low light.

2. Wide Coverage: 4MP cameras typically have a wider field of view compared to traditional cameras, which means you can cover larger areas with fewer cameras.

3. Better Zooming: With higher resolution, you can zoom in on footage without losing as much detail. This is particularly useful when trying to identify people or license plates in far-off distances.

4. Less Storage Space: Even though 4MP cameras capture more detail, they require less storage space than lower-resolution cameras. This is because they use advanced video compression technology to reduce file size while maintaining image quality.

5. Cost-Effective: Despite their advanced features, 4MP cameras are cost-effective compared to higher-end cameras. This makes them a popular choice for homeowners, small businesses, and other cost-sensitive applications where security is important.