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What is Smart Video Surveillance?

Smart Video Monitoring
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Smart video surveillance systems refer to the use of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and computer vision to enhance video surveillance capabilities. These video systems enable real-time monitoring, analysis, and automated response to potential security threats. Smart video surveillance systems also often come with features such as facial recognition, object recognition, and behavior analysis, enabling more accurate and effective surveillance. Some of the benefits of smart video surveillance systems include enhanced security, reduced incidents of theft and vandalism, and improved operational efficiency.

Some types of video surveillance products include:

  • Smart Security Cameras: Advanced surveillance cameras that are integrated with modern technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer vision, and other smart features.

  • Smart Video Doorbells: Advanced doorbell integrated with a security camera equipped with features such as live video streaming, motion detection, two-way communication, and cloud storage, among others.

  • Image Sensors: Advanced motion detector with integrated video that records what crossed in front of the motion detector to user and/or GeoArm monitoring services for dispatch purposes.

  • SVR: Device used to record and store video stream from Alarm.com security cameras or video doorbells.

  • Videofied MotionViewer: Wireless security camera equipped with an infrared motion detector that detects movement and automatically triggers a video recording of that movement.

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