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What is Burglary Intrusion?

Burglary Protection
Indoor/Outdoor Security Against Intrusion!

Burglary intrusion is a criminal act in which an individual gains unauthorized access to a building or property with the intent of committing theft or some other criminal act. It typically involves breaking and entering, and is considered a serious crime in most jurisdictions. To prevent burglary intrusion, it is recommended to secure your property with proper locks, alarms, and surveillance systems. Burglary intrusion systems can be used to protect a wide range of properties, including homes, apartments, businesses, schools, and government facilities. These systems can be customized to meet the specific security needs of a particular property, whether that involves protecting doors and windows, detecting motion or sound, or monitoring for environmental hazards like fire or carbon monoxide. Some systems can be accessed remotely, allowing property owners and/or the GeoArm central monitoring station to respond to potential threats in real-time.

Some of the most common burglary sensors include:

1. Door/Window Contacts: detect when doors or windows are opened or closed and can trigger an alarm.
2. Motion Detectors: detect movement in a space and can trigger an alarm.
3. Glassbreak Detectors: detect the sound of breaking glass and can trigger an alarm.
4. Panic Buttons: can be pressed in case of an emergency or to alert authorities of a potential security breach.
5. Environmental Sensors: detect changes in smoke, carbon monoxide, flood, heat, temperature and other environmental factors and can trigger an alarm.
6. Video Surveillance Systems: These systems use cameras to monitor and record activity in and around the property and can be used to identify potential intruders or other security threats.