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What is an Alarm Communicator?

Burglary Intrusion Monitoring
A burglary intrusion alarm communicator is a type of alarm communicator that is specifically designed to be used with a burglary or intrusion alarm system. It allows the alarm system to send alarm signals to the homeowner's smartphone in the event of an intrusion or a break-in and/or to the GeoArm central monitoring station. The burglary intrusion alarm communicator can transmit signals over various communication channels, such as traditional phone lines and VoIP or modern internet, WiFi, cellular towers and dual-paths. This allows for redundant and fast communication of security breaches helping to deter criminal activity and provide peace of mind.

Commercial Fire Monitoring
A commercial fire alarm communicator is a device that is used in a commercial fire alarm system to send alarm signals to the GeoArm monitoring station or a central control panel. In the event of a fire or other emergency, the communicator will transmit the signal via phone line, cellular network, internet connection, or dual-paths so that the proper authorities can be notified immediately. Commercial fire alarm communicators typically have features such as redundancy, self-testing, and multiple communication pathways to ensure that they are reliable and effective in alerting responders to a fire or other emergency. They are an essential component of any commercial fire alarm system.

Industrial System Monitoring
An industrial alarm communicator is a device designed to communicate alarms to the central control room in an industrial setting and/or to the GeoArm remote monitoring station. It is usually used in conjunction with an industrial alarm system, which may include a range of sensors and detectors for monitoring various parameters such as; agriculture, generator power, industrial systems, mechanical chillers and freezers, sewer lift stations, and sports/safety lighting. The industrial alarm communicator can transmit these alarm signals in real-time enabling rapid response to any emergency situation, such as a fire, gas leak or equipment failure. And, they can also be configured to send alerts to mobile devices, emails or SMS messages, providing additional means of notification and escalation.

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