2GIG Brand Description:

2GIG is a top manufacturer of advanced residential security and home automation products. They provide security panels that include features like encryption and front-firing speakers, combined with modern designs. 2GIG sensors cover various home scenarios such as temperature control, broken glass detection, motion sensing, flood control, and more, ensuring they cannot be easily taken over or disabled for added security. Their intrusion and life safety sensors offer homeowners complete peace of mind. Additionally, 2GIG offers specialized notification sensors like gun motion and grill monitoring sensors to secure sensitive areas in a home. Their radios and antennas enhance cellular connectivity for smart home devices, and they also offer Z-Wave automation products, peripherals, and accessories.

2GIG Security Categories:

  • 2GIG Security System Kits
  • 2GIG Wireless Security Products
  • 2GIG Burglary Intrusion Alarm Communicators
  • 2GIG Home Automation Products
  • 2GIG Smart Security Cameras
  • 2GIG Smart Video Doorbells
  • 2GIG Commercial Stream Video Recorders (CSVR)
  • 2GIG Connected Car Products
  • 2GIG Flex IO Cellular Sensors
  • 2GIG Takeover Conversion Modules
  • 2GIG Cellular Alarm Communicator Antennas
  • 2GIG Desk-Mount Installation Kits
  • 2GIG Firmware Update Devices
  • 2GIG Power Supplies and Transformers
  • 2GIG Alarm Batteries
  • 2GIG Wellness Products
  • 2GIG 345 MHz Wireless Security Sensors
  • 2GIG eSeries Wireless Encrypted Security Sensors
  • 2GIG E+ Extended Range Wireless Encrypted Security Sensors
  • 2GIG Firmware Updates