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"Who wants to be locked into a 3 year contract? After researching their competition, it's clear GeoArm is one of the best DIY alarm companies around. Unlike my previous alarm company, GeoArm did not require me to sign up for the long term contract. I save hundreds of dollars each year and have the peace of mind knowing that I am not locked into a contract."

Jimmy in Los Angeles, CA

"Yes, I am a IT guy and a DIYer. Reading a technical manual is a walk in the park for me, however, the hardwired alarm products (Vista 20p, Tuxedo Touch, KeyFob, etc) can become confusing even for me. You really need the expertise of GeoArm. Once you are done with the wiring and have installed the cellular communicator, Joe helped me with all the rest. Their website is SUPERB and has all the information to make the setup easy."

Eric in Allentown, PA

"I want to thank GeoArm and Joe for the quick and painless setup of alarm monitoring at my new home. It is a very complex system (Vista 21iP) which Joe got communicating in less than 30 minutes. He offered tips on ease of use and fixed my configuration (zone wiring) where I messed up. He walked me through Total Connect and explained in detail all the creature features. It was very refreshing talking to someone who cared as much about my setup as me. I look forward to a long relationship with GeoArm."

Robert in Bakersfield, CA

"I have a 2GIG security system and could not figure out how to program it, so I googled the make and model online and found this company. I emailed them and Kevin responded immediately; said to pick a time and day and that their technician would call and walk me through it. The very next day Drew called me back. To be quite honest, the setup was pretty complicated, and I could never have done this on my own. I know my local company would have charged a substantial amount for a service call. Big thank you to GeoArm for saving me time and money."

Greer in Evanston, IL

"Customer service from Brad at GeoArm was simply outstanding; this is what sets them apart from other companies offering the same products. I can state this with utmost confidence as I've used other companies for monitoring services in four previous homes and none of them come close. I'd highly recommend GeoArm to any friends or family wishing to install a security system for their home. When price and expertise matters, GeoArm is the way to go!"

Heather in Houston, TX

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