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AT&T Security Systems

Verizon Security Systems
Alarm.com Interactive App
AT&T Cellular LTE Radio Built-Into Panel
Verizon Cellular LTE Radio Built-Into Panel
WiFi Ready Technology
Control Panel Specifications?   Maximize the Capabilities of Your 2GIG GC2e Encrypted Security System!
Capacitive Touchscreen 5" LCD Touchscreen 5" LCD Touchscreen
Number of Wireless Keypads Up to 4 Keypads Up to 4 Keypads
Number of Wireless Keyfobs Up to 8 Keyfobs Up to 8 Keyfobs
Number of Wireless Zones Up to 60 Zones Up to 60 Zones
Number of Wired Zones 1 Input 1 Input
Wired Bell Output
Facial Recognition Disarm
Bluetooth Disarm
Glassbreak Detection with Advanced Audio Analytics
Warranty 3 Years Limited 3 Years Limited
Sensor Compatibility?   Add Existing Security System Sensors to Your 2GIG GC2e Encrypted Panel!
2GIG eSeries Encrypted Sensors
2GIG Non-Encrypted Sensors
Honeywell Non-Encrypted Sensors 5800-Series Compatible 5800-Series Compatible
Video Security Features?   Upgrade to the 2GIG EDGE Panel and Look into Your Security Cameras!
Photo Capture While Viewing on Panel
View Doorbell on Panel
Video Doorbell 2-Way Audio
Automation Features?   Control Your Smart Alarm Gadgets Using Your 2GIG GC2e Encrypted Panel!
Z-Wave/Z-Wave Plus
Create Scenes and Schedules
Voice Controls (e.g. Amazon Alexa)