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ADC-SWV100 - Alarm.com Smart Water Valve
List Price: $398.64
Your Price: $265.76
ADC-SWM150 - Alarm.com Smart Water Valve and Meter
List Price: $883.73
Your Price: $589.15
IQWV908-KIT-SL- Qolsys IQ S-Line Water Valve Kit
List Price: $633.73
Your Price: $422.49
IQWV908-KIT-PG - Qolsys IQ PowerG Water Valve Kit
List Price: $641.23
Your Price: $427.49
What are Smart Water Valves?

Smart Leak Protection
Remote Shut Off of the Water Main!

A smart water valve is a device that can be installed on your property's water main and allows you to remotely shut off the water supply as needed. It can also detect leaks and send alerts to your smartphone or other smart devices. Integrating a smart water valve into a smart security system can help prevent water damage to your property. For example, if a leak is detected, the smart water valve can automatically shut off the water supply and send an alert to your smart devices, allowing you to take appropriate action to address the issue. This can help minimize potential property damage and protect your home from water-related risks.

There are several reasons to consider using smart water valves in your property:

1. Leak detection: A smart water valve can detect leaks in your plumbing system and alert you immediately, preventing water damage and costly repairs.

2. Remote control: With a smart water valve, you can control the water supply to your property remotely through a smartphone app or voice commands.

3. Conservation: A smart water valve can help you save water by turning it off when it's not needed, such as when you're away from home.

4. Peace of mind: Knowing that you have a smart water valve installed in your property gives you peace of mind and ensures that your property is protected from water damage.