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What is SSL-Encryption?

PowerG Encryption
PowerG wireless security technology was developed by DSC (owned by Johnson Controls) that is designed to provide enhanced security features for wireless security systems. It is a two-way, frequency-hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) technology that operates in the 900 MHz frequency range. PowerG is known for its range, reliability, robustness, and long battery life. PowerG technology offers several unique features, including AES-128 encryption, multiple frequency channels for communication, adaptive transmission power based on the distance between devices, and a mesh network topology. The mesh network topology allows the system to dynamically reconfigure the network, ensuring that communication is maintained even if one or more devices fail or are tampered with.

S-Line Encryption
S-Line wireless security technology is a proprietary wireless communication protocol developed by Qolsys (owned by Johnson Controls) that is designed to provide enhanced security features for wireless security systems. S-Line technology uses advanced encryption and anti-jamming techniques to ensure that the security system's signals are not intercepted, tampered with, or disrupted by intruders. S-Line technology is also able to provide improved battery life for wireless security devices, making it more convenient for users. Additionally, S-Line technology supports bi-directional communication between wireless security devices and the security system, enabling the system to receive status updates, adjust settings, or perform other actions remotely.

SiX-Series Encryption
SiX-Series wireless security technology was developed by Resideo (formerly Honeywell). It is designed for use in professional security systems and offers advanced encryption and protection against hacking attempts. The technology utilizes advanced 128-bit encryption to secure the communication between the wireless devices and the control panel. It is a highly reliable and secure wireless security technology that is ideal for both commercial and residential security applications.

PROSiX-Series Encryption
PROSiX-Series is a wireless security technology developed by Resideo (formerly Honeywell) for use in professional security systems. It offers advanced encryption and protection against hacking attempts, and features integrated, supervised sensors that detect and report any tampering or anomalies. The PROSiX-Series is designed to provide reliable, long-range connectivity, with the ability to support hundreds of sensors in a single system. It is typically used in commercial or large-scale residential deployments.

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