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2GIG-AC1 - 2GIG Replacement Power Supply
List Price: $33.73
Your Price: $22.49
2GIG-AC2-PLUG - 2GIG Replacement Power Supply
List Price: $41.23
Your Price: $27.49
ADC-VACC-PSU-CSVR126 - Alarm.com Power Supply (for ADC-CSVR126 Models)
List Price: $38.99
Your Price: $25.99
RE012 - Alula Power Supply (for Alarm Signal Translators/Repeaters)
List Price: $11.54
Special Order: $7.70
RE012-6 - Alula Power Supply (for Connect+ Panel)
List Price: $11.54
Special Order: $7.70
RBSNTTL - Altroxis Relay Module 12-24VDC @ 1A/2A
List Price: $24.36
Your Price: $16.24
HSM2300 - DSC Power Supply Module (for PowerSeries Neo Control Panels)
List Price: $118.29
Your Price: $78.86
HS65WPSNA - DSC Power Adapter (for PowerSeries Pro Control Panels)
List Price: $62.75
Your Price: $41.84
TRG1640 - Elk 16.5VAC @ 45VA Power Transformer
List Price: $39.36
Your Price: $26.24
PP6 - Videofied Mini-USB Power Adapter (for W-Series Panels)
List Price: $35.61
Back-Ordered: $23.74
UB1640W - UPG Universal 16.5VAC @ 40VA Plug-In Wall Transformer
List Price: $26.87
Your Price: $17.91
What is a Power Transformer?

Electronic Protection
Reduces High Voltage to Low Voltage Power!

A power transformer is typically used to step down high voltage power to the lower voltages that are required by common security system components. This includes keypads, cameras, sensors, and other devices that make up a modern security system. By reducing the voltage level, the transformer helps protect these sensitive electronic components from damage due to power surges or fluctuations. Additionally, it helps ensure a stable and reliable power supply to the security system, preventing issues like false alarms or interrupted communication between components. Overall, the use of a power transformer in security system components helps to ensure optimal system performance, protection, and reliable operation.

There are several reasons why a power transformer is used for security system sensors parts:

1. Voltage Regulation: Security system components typically require low voltage power, and a power transformer is used to reduce the voltage from the main power supply to a level that is safe and suitable for these components.

2. Isolation: Power transformers can provide galvanic isolation between the power supply and the security system components. This isolation helps to prevent electrical interference, noise, and other issues that can affect the system's performance.

3. Protection: Power transformers can provide protection against power surges and other electrical disturbances that can damage or destroy sensitive security system components.

4. Efficient Power Delivery: A power transformer can effectively deliver power to multiple components at different voltage levels across a security system, making it an efficient and cost-effective solution.