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ADC-IS-300-LP-BX - Alarm.com Wireless Image Motion Sensor (Version 3)
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What is an Motion-Activated Image Sensor?

Image Sensors
Day/Night PIR Motion Sensing!

A motion-activated image sensor is used on a security system to detect movement in a specific area and capture an image or video of the motion that triggered the sensor. This type of sensor is typically used in combination with other security system components, such as a video monitoring system, to provide an additional layer of security and help prevent unauthorized access or criminal activity. By detecting and capturing images of suspicious activity, motion-activated image sensors can help alert the GeoArm central monitoring station, and law enforcement to potential threats and provide valuable evidence in the event of a crime.

Typically, the GeoArm central monitoring station will dispatch on an image sensor's motion detector by receiving a signal from the sensor indicating that motion has been detected. The signal is then processed by the GeoArm's live operators, which determines the type of alarm and the appropriate response. Depending on the severity of the alarm, the GeoArm monitoring station may dispatch emergency services like police or fire departments to the location where the sensor is installed. The exact method of dispatch would depend on the specific protocols the home or business owner has in place for responding to different types of alarms.

Image sensors are commonly used in properties of all types, from residential homes to commercial businesses. They are used for burglary intrusion detection and can capture images or videos of intruders or suspicious activity that take place in the property.

Some specific examples of properties that use image sensors include:

  • Retail Stores
  • Warehouses
  • Office Buildings
  • Private Homes
  • Apartments and Condominiums