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▼ Most Common Question's ▼

I have been thinking about getting a security system but do not know much about them. I want more information?

I have heard I can receive up to a 20% discount on my homeowner's insurance. How do I get this discount?

I have a dog, cat, or other pet. Does that mean I can't use motion detectors?

Why should I add monitored smoke detectors to my security system?

I see you offer "wireless" security systems. Are they as reliable as hardwired systems?

If my system reports to GeoArm® using my phone line, what happens if my phone line is cut or out of service?

What if I lose power at my location? Will my security system still work?

What if I accidentally set off my alarm?

What happens when I press my system's panic button?

How do I test my system to confirm it is working properly?

What if I am moving? Does my system move with me?

How do I update my contact list?

Can GeoArm® monitor my existing system?