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2GIG-RPTR1-345 - 2GIG Wireless Alarm Repeater (for 345 MHz Frequency)
List Price: $117.43
Your Price: $78.29
2GIG-RTPR1e-345 - 2GIG Wireless eSeries Alarm Repeater (for 345 MHz Frequency)
List Price: $111.35
Special Order: $74.24
RE620 - Alula Wireless Alarm Signal Repeater (for Connect+ Panel)
List Price: $188.30
Your Price: $125.54
PG9920 - DSC Wireless PowerG Repeater
List Price: $253.10
Your Price: $168.74
PROSiXRPTR - Resideo Honeywell Home Wireless RF Alarm Signal Repeater
List Price: $155.72
Your Price: $103.82
ZW189-A01 - Aeotec Z-Wave Range Extender 7 (Z-Wave Repeater)
List Price: $84.69
Your Price: $56.46
What is an Alarm Repeater?

Wireless RF Repeater
Expands Range of System Peripherals!

A wireless alarm repeater, also known as a signal booster, is a device that extends the wireless range and coverage area of a security system. It receives signals from wireless devices such as sensors or detectors and amplifies the signal to transmit it further to the control panel. This is useful when the distance between the wireless devices and the security control panel is extensive, and the signals may not be strong enough to be picked up by the control panel. A repeater helps to ensure that all wireless devices are communicating with the control panel effectively and enhances the overall effectiveness and reliability of the security system.

There are several advantages of adding a wireless alarm repeater:

1. Expanded Range: The wireless alarm repeater extends the range of wireless sensors, allowing them to communicate with the control panel from a greater distance.

2. Enhanced Coverage: A signal booster improves the coverage of the security system by eliminating dead zones in a larger area, ensuring maximum protection.

3. Reliability: With a repeater, the wireless sensors can communicate with the control panel even if they are located in areas with weak signals or interference from other devices.

4. Flexibility: Using a wireless alarm repeater allows for flexibility in the placement of sensors and the control panel since they can be installed in areas that were previously not possible due to signal strength limitations.

5. Cost-Effective: Installing a wireless alarm repeater is a cost-effective solution for expanding the coverage area of a security system, particularly in larger homes or businesses, as it reduces the need for additional sensors and control panels.