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821LMB - LiftMaster MyQ Universal Retrofit Garage Door Controller
List Price: $72.21
Your Price: $48.14
828LM - LiftMaster Internet Gateway Module
List Price: $114.38
Your Price: $76.25
MYQPCK - LiftMaster MyQ Garage Door Bundle Kit
List Price: $241.86
Your Price: $161.24
GD00Z-8-GC  - Linear Z-Wave Plus Garage Door Opener Remote Controller Accessory
List Price: $193.11
Your Price: $128.74
GDC1 - Telguard Universal Z-Wave Garage Door Automation Control Switch
List Price: $181.86
Your Price: $121.24
What is a Smart Garage Door?

Smart Garage Control
for Remote Garage Door Opening/Closing!

A smart garage door is a garage door that can be opened or closed using a mobile application or a voice assistant command. It is typically equipped with sensors that allow you to monitor its status remotely and receive alerts on your smartphone if someone tries to open it without your permission. Smart garage doors can also be integrated into a compatible smart home system powered by GeoArm, and be programmed to open and close automatically based on certain conditions, such as the time of day or the presence of your smartphone.

There are several advantages to having a smart garage door:

1. Convenience: A smart garage door can be opened or closed remotely using a mobile app or voice assistant, making it easy to manage your garage door from anywhere.

2. Security: Smart garage doors can be equipped with a range of features that enhance security, including remote monitoring, alerts, and automatic locks.

3. Peace of Mind: With a smart garage door, you can monitor and control access to your garage even when you're away from home, providing you with greater peace of mind.

4. Safety: Smart garage doors can be equipped with sensors that detect when objects or people are in the way of the door, preventing accidents and improving safety.

5. Energy Efficiency: Smart garage doors can be integrated with your smart home system, allowing you to program them to open or close based on your schedule or the weather, which can lead to energy savings.