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2GIG-TAKE1-345 - 2GIG Wired-to-Wireless Super Switch Converter Module
List Price: $115.40
Your Price: $76.94
2GIG-TAKE-KIT1 - 2GIG Hardwired Alarm System Conversion Kit
List Price: $174.70
Your Price: $116.46
5800C2W - Resideo Honeywell Home 9-Zone Hardwired-to-Wireless Conversion Module
List Price: $160.79
Your Price: $107.19
PG9WLSHW8 - Qolsys IQ Hardwire PowerG Wired-to-Wireless Converter Module
List Price: $230.61
Your Price: $153.74
What is a Hardwired-to-Wireless Converter Module?

Wired-to-Wireless Zones
Used to Expand the Security System!

A hardwired to wireless converter is a device that allows for the integration of hardwired security components such as sensors, alarms, and detectors into a wireless security system. It is commonly used when upgrading an existing hardwired security system to a wireless system, or when a property has a mix of both hardwired and wireless devices present. The converter module will convert signals from hardwired components to a wireless format, allowing these components to seamlessly integrate with the wireless security system. This can be a cost-effective and convenient solution for expanding the coverage area of a security system while preserving the functionality of existing hardwired devices.

There are several reasons to add a hardwired to wireless converter module:

1. Flexibility: By adding a wireless converter, you can use a combination of hardwired and wireless components, giving you greater flexibility in your security system design. This allows you to more easily add or move sensors without having to rewire the system.

2. Convenience: Wireless security systems are much easier to install than hardwired systems, so adding a wireless converter can simplify the installation process and reduce labor costs.

3. Cost Savings: Converting a hardwired security system to wireless can be less expensive than replacing it entirely with a new wireless system. It can also be more cost-effective if you only need to add a few additional sensors or devices.

4. Increased Range: Wireless devices can transmit signals over greater distances than hardwired devices can, so a wireless converter can expand the range of your security system.