XTO640 - Videofied Indoor/Outdoor Wireless Control Panel with Cellular LTE SIM Card (Built for Video-Verification)

XTO640 - Videofied Indoor/Outdoor Wireless Control Panel with Cellular LTE SIM Card (Built for Video-Verification)
XTO640 - Videofied Indoor/Outdoor Wireless Control Panel with Cellular LTE SIM Card (Built for Video-Verification)
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Videofied XTO640 Control Panel:

The Videofied XTO640 is a battery-operated, indoor/outdoor, wireless control panel that is designed for securing outdoor and large commercial applications which have adequate cellular reception available. The XTO640 panel incorporates a weather resistant enclosure, LTE communicator, and 2-way encrypted wireless support for indoor and outdoor motion viewers. This panel is a perfect solution for securing outdoor storage lots, critical infrastructure, remote sites and large warehouses. When battery-powered and communicating over cell, the Videofied system is completely portable and can be moved to new locations (construction sites, vacant homes, storage lots) as your security needs change.

The control panel is powered by four LSH20 Lithium batteries that last up to four years, with normal system activity, and may also be powered by an optional AC adapter. A dual-tamper function on the panel cover is active whether or not the system is armed and reports an alarm condition if the control panel cover is removed, or if the control panel is removed from the mounting surface.

The patented Wiselink® - Spread Spectrum, AES Encrypted bi-directional wireless communication ensures high signal reliability and security. The XTO640 panel supervises installed devices (excluding the remote keyfob) to monitor current state, tamper condition, battery status and more. You can arm, disarm and manage alarms via an alpha-numeric keypad, a prox key or keyfob.

Product Features:

  • Wiselink: Spread Spectrum AES Encrypted Wireless technology provides optimum signal integrity and security.
  • Compatibility: works with all Videofied wireless devices
  • Supervision: of all devices (except remote keyfob)
  • Tamper detection: 24-hour dual-tamper function provides detection for both cover and wall removal
  • Areas: 4 maximum. Area 1 predefined from factory for entry/exit delay. Areas 2, 3, and 4 can be configured as needed
  • Access codes: 20 maximum, 4 - 6 digits; one installer access code for on-site programming only
  • Configuration/Programming: on-site using alphanumeric keypads or TMT2 software
  • Communication: reports to central monitoring stations using Frontel
  • Video verification: Incorporating indoor and/or outdoor MotionViewer™ into the system allows for video verification of intrusion alarms
  • History/Event Log: maximum 4,000 events stored in flash memory that cannot be cleared or erased

Videofied XTO640 Product Specifications:


  • Maximum Number of Devices: 24
  • Maximum Number of Codes/Badges: 19
  • Arming Modes: 4
  • Areas: 4
  • Event Log: 4000 events stored on flash memory

Power Requirements (Option 1)

  • Power Supply Type B: 9-12 V / 1.2 A
  • Low Voltage Limit: 5.15 V
  • Backup:6V with 4 x 1,5 V D Alkaline batteries /LR20
  • Low Battery Limit: 4.2 V
  • Battery Life (Average): 1 year
  • Average Current Consumption (Over 1 hour): 450?A
  • Max Current: 1.2 A

Power Requirements (Option 2)

  • Power Supply Type C: 14.4V with 4 x 3.6 V Lithium batteries /LSH20
  • Low Battery Level: 12 V
  • Average Battery Life: 4 years

RF WiseLink® Technology

  • Radio Type: Bidirectional RF
  • Operating Frequency: 902/928MHz - FHSS XTO640 (North America)
  • Transmission Security: AES encryption
  • Radio Jam Detection: Yes
  • Supervision: Yes
  • Radio Antenna: Integrated
  • External Radio Antenna: Option with MMCX connector

Tamper Detection

  • Tamper: Wall and cover tamper detection


  • Module Type: 4G LTE
  • Security Protocol: SIM sold separately
  • IP Stack: TCP/IP
  • Video Transmission Protocol: Frontel to central station or App servers
  • LTE Antenna: Integrated
  • External LTE Antenna: Option with MMCX connector

Programmable Wired Inputs

  • Number: 3
  • Dry Contact: Yes
  • Input Voltage: 12 VDC (15VDC max)

Programmable Wired Outputs

  • Number: 2
  • Maximum Switching Voltage: 24VDC /30VAC
  • Maximum Switching Current: 1A
  • Maximum Switching Power: 30 W


  • Video Format: WMV or MPEG
  • Images Per Second: 5
  • Image Size: 320x240 pixels
  • Video Length: 4 to 12 seconds

Physical and Environmental Data

  • Operating Temperature: -25° to +70°C
  • Maximum Relative Humidity: 95% without condensing
  • International Protection Marking: IP54 / IK06
  • Material: ABS- ULV0


  • Control Panel / Base: 4 screws to close the cover, 4 screws on panel base for brackets mounting


  • Panel: 272 mm x 276 mm x 96 mm

XTO640 - 902/928 MHz FHSS

Videofied XTO640 Product Benefits:

Configuration/Programming: Easy to understand text on a two line, 16-characters liquid-crystal (LCD) display keypad guides you through programming, prompting you for simple yes/no or data entry responses. Complete punctuation symbols allow for accurate website/IP address entries and device location naming.

Communication: The XTO 640 panel reports alarms and other system events by using the Frontel protocol. Frontel provides complete system reporting information and video verification to the GeoArm central monitoring station set up with the Frontel alarm receiving software.

Video Verification: Incorporating MotionViewer into the security system allows for video verification of intrusion alarms. When the system is armed and an intruder trips the MotionViewer, the integrated camera captures a 4-12 sec (configurable) QVGA video which is sent to the GeoArm central monitoring station from the control panel (for the central station operators to take action).

History/Event Log: The XTO 640 control panel records and stores a maximum of 4,000 system activities and events (armings, disarmings, alarms, access codes entered, system programming changes, etc.) in flash memory. As additional events occur, the control panel automatically deletes the oldest event, ensuring the most recent events reside in the log. The history/event log can be viewed using an alphanumeric keypad or downloaded at the central station.

Videofied XTO640 Product Compatibility:

IMV601: Indoor Motion Viewer
OMV601MB: Outdoor Motion Viewer
IMD601: Indoor Motion Detector
SE601: Indoor Siren
OSX601: Outdoor Siren
XMA621: Vertical Keypad
WMB621: Horizontal Keypad with Prox Reader
KF641: Wireless Key Fob
BR651: Outdoor Rated Prox Reader
VT100: Prox Tags

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One of kind system that comes in handy when power is hard to come by, especially for us homebuilders. I didn't know exactly how to set it up to be honest, but GeoArm helped me get this battery-operated system up and activated once I got the sensors placed on the walls at a new construction site that we are building that was having overnight trespassing and copper theft.

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