HS2064NK - DSC PowerSeries Neo HS2064 Hybrid Alarm Control Panel

HS2064NK - DSC PowerSeries Neo HS2064 Hybrid Alarm Control Panel
HS2064NK - DSC PowerSeries Neo HS2064 Hybrid Alarm Control Panel
Item# HS2064NK

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PowerSeries Neo Control Panel with Enclosure (HS2064NK):  Add Control Panel Battery (BAT1245):  Add Control Panel Transformer (PTD1640U):  Add Wired Full-Message Programming Keypad (HS2LCD):  Add Wired Fixed English Keypad (HS2ICN):  Add Wireless PowerG Transceiver Module (HSM2HOST9):  Add DSC Alarm Communicator (No Interactive)?:  Add Alarm.com Alarm Communicator (with Interactive)?:  Add Alula Alarm Communicator (No Interactive)?: 
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DSC PowerSeries HS2064 Product Description:

The DSC PowerSeries Neo HS2064 is a hybrid alarm control panel with up to 64 hardwired/wireless zones and eight partitions. The HS2064 control panel is flexible to a wide range of wireless devices including PowerG encrypted sensors and peripherals.

The DSC Neo HS2064 panel is compatible with Alarm.com interactive services that deliver best in class smart home control and monitoring solutions. The HS2064 panel is the heartbeat to this revolutionary hybrid security system. The HS2064 has eight hardwired inputs, four hardwired outputs and PSTN communication onboard. The system can be tailored for specific installations with added expansion capabilities, features and services.

The modular and scalable structure of PowerSeries Neo provides a cost effective, tailored solution for even the most demanding installations. It includes a complete line of expansion modules to fit the requirements of today's installations while protecting the investment and ensuring growth in the future.

The PowerSeries Neo HS2064 introduces the most comprehensive suite of support software in the industry, designed specifically to help security professionals significantly cut time and cost invested in the installation and maintenance of the system. The suite includes DLS5 Downloading Software, Routine System Management for remote diagnostics, inspections and maintenance, and WebSA System Administrator Software for professional end-user system management.

The PowerSeries Neo HS2064 supports a variety of wireless, hardwired and proximity sensor LCD, LED and Icon keypads. All keypads come equipped with the LED status lights. HS2LCD series keypads display system messages on their LCD screen. HS2ICN series keypads display messages, as described in the following section. HS2LED series keypads display messages via a series of numbered LEDs, as described in the following section. All keypad versions will have a solid blue LED bar that is always on except when, if enrolled, a proximity tag is presented and successfully read by the keypad.

The Neo HS2064 utilizes innovative, regionally compliant alarm verification solutions such as visual verification, two-way audio verification and sequential detection, greatly reducing incremental costs that can be incurred by false alarm fees. Leveraging powerful support software, an accurate remote assessment is made of the situation inside the premises when an alarm is triggered by a burglary attempt, fire or other emergency. This eliminates the need for unnecessary site checks ultimately saving time and cost while enabling responders to be alerted about any potentially dangerous situations.

As traditional phone lines become less common and more users choose VoIP or mobile phones, PowerSeries Neo HS2064 offers optional Cellular and/or IP communication methods. When connected to any PowerSeries Neo control panel, alarm reporting paths can be combined through the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) if so desired, plus Cellular and/ or IP channels. The PowerSeries Neo communicators can conveniently utilize the Cellular and/or IP network as a primary or back-up communication path to ensure high speed, reliable and secure alarm communications.

Product Features:

  • 8 on-board zones
  • PowerG - robust, industry leading commercial grade wireless
  • 128 bit AES encryption (wireless, communicator and BUS)
  • Expandable to 64 wireless and hardwired zones
  • 4 PGM outputs: expandable to 80 (HSM2204, HSM2208)
  • Template programming
  • Intuitive, quick installation
  • Connect up to 8 supervised keypads with keypad zones
  • 2 partitions
  • 500-event buffer
  • 500 user codes (HS2064 E), 95 user codes (HS2064)
  • User-friendly interfaces
  • Visual alarm verification
  • 2-way audio alarm verification via phone or cellular
  • Alternate Communications via Cellular and IP
  • Local and Remote Downloading
  • Remote firmware upgrade (panel/keypads/transceiver)
  • Interconnected smoke detector support with v1.2 allows for additional warning in potential life-threatening situations
  • Compatible with Alarm.com home automation solutions with built-in Z-Wave capabilities through dual-path LTE/Internet and HSPA (3G)/Internet communicators
  • PowerSeries Neo panel supports LUX KONOzw smart hub thermostat (requires Alarm.com communicator). Available in USA and Canada

DSC PowerSeries HS2064 Product Specifications:

  • Power Supply: 16.5 VAC/40 VA @ 50/60 Hz
  • Current Draw (Panel): 85 mA (Nominal)
  • Auxiliary & Output: 13.75 ± 5% Vdc /700 mA
  • Bell Output: 13.75 ± 5% Vdc /700 mA
  • Operating Environment: 32° to 120° F (0° to 49° C)
  • Relative Humidity: 93%
  • On-Board Zones: 8
  • Total Zones Supported: 64
  • Keypad Zone Expansion: Yes
  • Hardwired Zone: Yes
  • Wireless Zone Expansion: Yes
  • Number of Hardwired Keypads: 8
  • Number of Wireless Keypads: 8
  • Number of Wireless Receivers: 1
  • Number of Wireless Repeaters: 8
  • On-Board PGM Outputs: 4
  • Number of Main Panel Low-Current PGM Outputs: 1
  • Number of Main Panel High-Current PGM Outputs: 3
  • PGM Expansion: Yes
  • Number of Additional High-Current PGM Outputs: 12
  • Number of Additional Low-Current PGM Outputs: 64
  • Number of Access Codes: 499 + master
  • Number of Partitions: 8
  • Panel Event Buffer: 500
  • Phone Line Supervision: Yes
  • Siren Supervision: Yes
  • Bell Output: Yes
  • SIA CP-01 Compliant: Yes
  • SMS Command and Control: Yes
  • Upload/Download Support: Yes
  • Direct-Connect (PC Link) Downloading Support: Yes
  • DLS SA End-User Downloading Support: Yes
  • Internet Alarm Communications: Yes
  • Audio Alarm Verification: with HSM2955(R)
  • Cellular Alarm Communications: Yes
  • Battery Required: Yes
  • Approvals: FCC/IC, UL/ULC, SIA CP-01, CSFM, CNC, Anatel

DSC PowerSeries HS2064 Product Compatibility:

  • HS2LCD - Full Message LCD Hardwired Keypad
  • HS2LCDP - Full Message LCD Hardwired Keypad with Prox Support
  • HS2ICN - ICON Hardwired Keypad
  • HS2ICNP - ICON Hardwired Keypad with Prox Support
  • HS2TCHP - Hardwired 7 inch Touch Screen Keypad with Prox Support
  • HS2TCHPBLK - Hardwired 7 inch Touch Screen Keypad with Prox Support Black
  • HS2LCDRF9 - Full Message LCD Hardwired Keypad with Built-in Transceiver - 915Mhz
  • HS2LCDRFP9 - Full Message LCD Hardwired Keypad with Built-in Transceiver and Prox Support - 915Mhz
  • HS2ICNRF9 - ICON Hardwired Keypad with built-in Transceiver - 915Mhz
  • HS2ICNRFP9 - ICON Hardwired Keypad with Prox Support and built-in Transceiver - 915Mhz
  • HS2LCDWF9 - Wireless Full Message LCD keypad - 915Mhz
  • HS2LCDWFP9 - Wireless Full Message LCD keypad with Prox Support - 915Mhz
  • HS2LCDWFPV9 - Wireless Full Message LCD keypad with Prox Support and Voice Prompting - 915Mhz
  • HS2LCDWFDMK - Wirefree deskmount stand with transformer
  • HSM2HOST9 - PowerG Host Standalone Transceiver Module - 915Mhz
  • PG9926 - Smoke Detector
  • PG9916 - Smoke and Heat Detector
  • PG9913 - CO Detector
  • PG9914 - PIR Motion Detector
  • PG9934P - PIR Motion Detector with Integrated Camera
  • PG9924 - PIR Curtain Motion Detector
  • PG9984P - Dual-Tech (PIR & MW) Motion Detector
  • PG9974P - Mirror PIR Motion Detector
  • PG9994 - Outdoor PIR Motion Detector
  • PG9944 - Outdoor PIR Motion Detector with Integrated Camera
  • PG9922 - Glass Break Detector
  • PG9935 - Shock Sensor
  • PG9985 - Flood Detector
  • PG9905 - Temperature Detector
  • PGTEMP-PROBE - Optional External Waterproof Temperature Probe for Outdoor Refrigeration Measurment
  • PG9929; PG9939 - 4-Button Wireless Key
  • PG9901 - Indoor Siren
  • PG9911 - Outdoor Siren
  • PG9920 - Repeater
  • PG9945 - Door/Window Contact with Auxilliary Input
  • PG9975 - Door/Window Contact
  • PG9938 - Single Button Panic Key
  • PG9949 - 2-Button Wireless Key
  • HSM2300 - Power Supply Module
  • HSM2204 - High Current Output Module
  • HSM2208 - Output Module
  • HSM2955 - Two-Way Audio Module
  • PC5961E - Stand-Alone Audio Station
  • PC5964E - Large Speaker Station
  • HSM2108 - 8 Zone Expander Module
  • 3G2080E - HSPA Cellular Alarm Communicator
  • 3G2080RE - HSPA Cellular Alarm Communicator with RS422 Integration
  • TL880LTVZ - LTE/Internet Dual-Path Alarm Communicator with image sensor, compatible with Alarm.com services (US only)
  • TL8803GTF-LAT - HSPA/Internet Dual-Path Alarm Communicator with image sensor, compatible with Alarm.com services (LATAM only)
  • TL8803GCO-LAT - HSPA/Internet Alarm Communicator with image sensor, compatible with Alarm.com services (LATAM only)
  • TL8803GRG - HSPA/Internet Dual-Path Alarm Communicator with image sensor, compatible with Alarm.com services (Canada only)
  • TL8803GITF-PE - HSPA/Internet Dual-Path Alarm Communicator with image sensor, compatible with Alarm.com services (Peru only)
  • TL280E - Internet Alarm Communicator
  • TL280RE - Internet Alarm Communicator with RS422 Integration
  • TL2803GRE - Internet and HSPA Dual-Path Alarm Communicator with RS422 Integration
  • TL2803GE - Internet and HSPA Dual-Path Alarm Communicator
  • PCL-422 - Communicator Remote Mounting Module

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  Great System Saved Money,
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Purchased The DSC HS2064NK whatever that means, but It has saved a lot of money compared to all wireless sensors and getting the Certificate Of Alarm through GeoArm is saving me a massive amount of money even with the upfront cost of purchasing a panel. The monitoring is very inexpensive at 13$ a month with the red M2M cellular communication box they have.

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  Amazing product, and fantastic support,
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15 people found this review helpful

This is a great piece of equipment purchased about a year ago, it has been working flawlessly and it has already paid for itself. No issues at all with this product.

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