DSC PowerSeries Neo HS2016 Dual-Path LAN/Cellular AT&T/Verizon LTE-M Hybrid Security System (Powered by M2M)

DSC PowerSeries Neo HS2016 Dual-Path LAN/Cellular AT&T/Verizon LTE-M Hybrid Security System (Powered by M2M)
DSC PowerSeries Neo HS2016 Dual-Path LAN/Cellular AT&T/Verizon LTE-M Hybrid Security System (Powered by M2M)
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PowerSeries Neo HS2016 Hybrid Control Panel (HS2016NK):  PowerSeries Neo HS2016 Alarm Battery (BAT1245):  PowerSeries Neo HS2016 Power Transformer (PTD1640U):  M2M Dual-Path AT&T/Verizon LTE-M Radio (M2M-MQ03-LTE-M-LAN-AV)*:  Wireless PowerG Transceiver Module (HSM2HOST9):  Add Wired Full-Message Programming Keypad (HS2LCD):  Add Wired Fixed English Keypad (HS2ICN): 
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DSC PowerSeries Neo HS2016 Kit Description:

The DSC PowerSeries Neo HS2016 dual-path internet/cellular M2M AT&T/Verizon LTE-M hybrid security system kit captures the flexibility of a modular, hardwired security system with the simplicity of a wide range of wireless PowerG encrypted devices and peripherals. The DSC PowerSeries Neo HS2016 is a versatile dual-path security system that is best suited for residential through to scalable commercial installations.

Infused with industry-leading PowerG 2-way wireless communication, PowerSeries Neo's revolutionary technology forms the core of an unprecedented line-up of features designed to decrease operational costs for end users. DSC PowerSeries Neo is designed to be compatible with leading-edge interactive solutions supported by DSC, allowing for a variety of M2M smart property control monitoring features. Anticipating future needs by infinite opportunities to maximise the security system, PowerSeries Neo becomes an undisputed first-class investment for the long term of any business.

The DSC HS2016 Neo control panel contains up to 16 zones with a reliable heartbeat to cater to a range of security system installations with even the most demanding partitioning requirements. The panel fully integrates with an extensive selection of PowerG-enabled devices which have been created with simplicity of installation and user-friendliness in mind. The bundled power of PowerSeries Neo HS2016 panel is harnessed by distinctive M2M software solutions, remind you every step of the way that this isn't your typical dual-path security system kit.

This M2M PowerSeries HS2016 hybrid dual-path AT&T/Verizon LTE-M security system kit includes; hardwired control panel (HS2016), control panel battery (BAT1245), power transformer (PTD1640U), wireless 32-zone alarm receiver (RF5132-433), and a M2M dual-path internet/cellular Verizon LTE alarm communicator (MQ03-LTE-M-LAN-AV). This HS2016 kit is equipped to send the alarm signals over the the broadband internet, and if down, backed up over the cellular AT&T/Verizon LTE-M network to the GeoArm central monitoring station.

The PowerSeries Neo HS2016 supports a variety of wireless, hardwired and proximity sensor LCD, LED and Icon keypads. All keypads come equipped with the LED status lights. HS2LCD series keypads display system messages on their LCD screen. HS2ICN series keypads display messages, as described in the following section. HS2LED series keypads display messages via a series of numbered LEDs, as described in the following section. All keypad versions will have a solid blue LED bar that is always on except when, if enrolled, a proximity tag is presented and successfully read by the keypad.

The Neo HS2016 utilizes innovative, regionally compliant alarm verification solutions such as visual verification, two-way audio verification and sequential detection, greatly reducing incremental costs that can be incurred by false alarm fees. Leveraging powerful support software, an accurate remote assessment is made of the situation inside the premises when an alarm is triggered by a burglary attempt, fire or other emergency. This eliminates the need for unnecessary site checks ultimately saving time and cost while enabling responders to be alerted about any potentially dangerous situations.

Do-it-yourself (DIY) installations are an emerging new trend in the security industry. Being one of the pioneers in this industry, we are the perfect partner for any DIYer considering an installation of a new DSC PowerSeries Neo security system. You can be confident that your DIY security system installation will be backed by a team of real security professionals and DSC's 1-year limited manufacturer's warranty. With 30 years of professional security installation experience, GeoArm has the technical know-how to make your DIY security security installation as easy and seamless as possible.

Product Features:

  • 6 on-board zones
  • PowerG - robust, industry leading commercial grade wireless
  • 128 bit AES encryption (wireless, communicator and BUS)
  • Expandable to 16 wireless and hardwired zones
  • 2 PGM outputs: expandable to 22 (HSM2204, HSM2208)
  • Template programming
  • Intuitive, quick installation
  • Connect up to 8 supervised keypads with keypad zones
  • 2 partitions
  • 500-event buffer
  • 48 user codes
  • User-friendly interfaces
  • Visual alarm verification
  • 2-way audio alarm verification via phone or cellular
  • Alternate Communications via Cellular and IP
  • Local and Remote Downloading
  • Remote firmware upgrade (panel/keypads/transceiver)
  • Interconnected smoke detector support with v1.2 allows for additional warning in potential life-threatening situations
  • Compatible with Alarm.com home automation solutions with built-in Z-Wave capabilities through dual-path LTE/Internet and HSPA (3G)/Internet communicators
  • PowerSeries Neo panel supports LUX KONOzw smart hub thermostat (requires Alarm.com communicator). Available in USA and Canada

*Please Note: Parts listed above with an asterisk symbol require a subscription to M2M powered by GeoArm.

DSC PowerSeries Neo HS2016 Kit Documents:

DSC PowerSeries Neo User Manual NA Version 1.1 R001
DSC PowerSeries Neo Installation Guide Version 1.0
DSC PowerSeries Neo Installation Manual Reference Version 1.0 Extended R001
DSC PowerSeries Neo User Guide Version 1.0 R001
DSC PowerSeries Neo Reference User Manual Version 1.0 Extended R001
DSC PowerSeries Neo Reference Manual Version 1.1 Extended R002
DSC PowerSeries Neo UG R003 NA
DSC PowerSeries Neo Installation Manual Version 1.13 Reference Extended
DSC PowerSeries Neo Host Architecture and Engineering Specification R001
DSC PowerSeries Neo Wireless Architecture and Engineering Specification
DSC PowerSeries Neo Residential Flip Card
DSC PowerSeries Neo ERP Quick Reference Guide
DSC PowerSeries Neo DNA Quick Reference Guide
DSC PowerSeries Neo Control Panel Spec Sheet w/Alarm.com
DSC PowerSeries Neo Brochure
DSC PowerG Wireless Technology Brochure

DSC PowerSeries Neo HS2016 Product Specifications:

  • Power Supply: 16.5 VAC/40 VA @ 50/60 Hz
  • Current Draw (Panel): 85 mA (Nominal)
  • Auxiliary & Output: 13.75 ± 5% Vdc /700 mA
  • Bell Output: 13.75 ± 5% Vdc /700 mA
  • Operating Environment: 32° to 120° F (0° to 49° C)
  • Relative Humidity: 93%
  • On-Board Zones: 6
  • Total Zones Supported: 16
  • Keypad Zone Expansion: Yes
  • Hardwired Zone: Yes
  • Wireless Zone Expansion: Yes
  • Number of Hardwired Keypads: 8
  • Number of Wireless Keypads: 8
  • Number of Wireless Receivers: 1
  • Number of Wireless Repeaters: 4
  • On-Board PGM Outputs: 2
  • Number of Main Panel Low-Current PGM Outputs: 1
  • Number of Main Panel High-Current PGM Outputs: 1
  • PGM Expansion: Yes
  • Number of Additional High-Current PGM Outputs: 4
  • Number of Additional Low-Current PGM Outputs: 16
  • Number of Access Codes: 47 + master
  • Number of Partitions: 2
  • Panel Event Buffer: 500
  • Cellular Supervision: Yes
  • Siren Supervision: Yes
  • Bell Output: Yes
  • SIA CP-01 Compliant: Yes
  • SMS Command and Control: Yes
  • Upload/Download Support: Yes
  • Direct-Connect (PC Link) Downloading Support: Yes
  • DLS SA End-User Downloading Support: Yes
  • Internet Alarm Communications: Yes
  • Audio Alarm Verification: with HSM2955(R)
  • Cellular Alarm Communications: Yes
  • Battery Required: Yes
  • Approvals: FCC/IC, UL/ULC, SIA CP-01, CSFM, CNC, Anatel

DSC PowerSeries Neo HS2016 PowerG Technology:

  • Multichannel, Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum technology enables the security system to hop between wireless frequency channels to ensure the seamless transmission of secure communications between the devices and the control panel.
  • Adaptive Transmission Power translates into up to eight years of battery life for the system's devices and peripherals, reducing battery-replacement incurred costs.
  • High transmission ranges allow for devices to reliably communicate within up to 2km/2187 yards line-of-sight, therefore reducing the cost of installing additional repeaters to service larger premises.
  • TDMA synchronized communication technology prevents messages from colliding by splitting channels into various time slots, allowing for an increased amount of data transmission and ensuring that devices are able to consistently communicate when needed.
  • 128-Bit AES encryption offers exceptionally high level of protection against analysis tools and digital attacks. Other powerful features include protection against lost alarm messages, interference and frequency blocking. These features translate into a number of advantages for GeoArm customers. The security system offers potential for extraordinary range to suit scalable commercial demands. Total control from remote allows for easy configuration of devices and peripherals as well as remote diagnostics. Optimized device placement via LED makes any installation quick and simple.

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