What is a Retail Store Security System?

A retail store security system is a collection of electronic and physical devices that are installed in a retail store to prevent theft, protect assets, and ensure the safety of customers and employees. These systems typically include intrusion alarms, surveillance cameras, access control systems, and electronic article surveillance (EAS) systems. The surveillance cameras provide constant monitoring of the store's interior and exterior, while the intrusion alarms alert store personnel and authorities in the event of a break-in or other unauthorized entry. Access control systems restrict access to certain areas of the store to authorized personnel only, while EAS systems detect and alert store personnel of attempts to remove merchandise without paying for it.

Here some reasons to get a retail store security system:

1. Theft Prevention: A security system can help prevent theft by alerting store personnel when suspicious activity is detected. It can also deter potential criminals from stealing in the first place.

2. Employee Safety: A security system can help ensure employee safety by monitoring for potentially dangerous situations and alerting the appropriate authorities if needed.

3. Asset Protection: A security system can help protect valuable assets such as merchandise, equipment, and inventory.

4. Customer Safety: A security system can help ensure the safety of customers, especially in the event of an emergency such as a fire or natural disaster.

5. Risk Management: A security system can help a store owner manage risk by identifying potential sources of loss, such as areas with high foot traffic or merchandise that is frequently stolen. This can help the owner take steps to mitigate risk and reduce losses.

No-Term Contracts? Month-to-Month Subscription Plans Long-Term with Liquidated Damages
New Security Systems? Own the Alarm Equipment on Day 1 Lease the Alarm Equipment for 3 Years
Proprietary Technology? Unlocked Non-Proprietary Equipment Locked Out Proprietary Equipment
Live Operator Service? Optional 24-Hour PRO Central Station Required 24-Hour PRO Central Station
Do-It-Yourself Options? Most Flexible DIY Brands and Services Less DIY Brands to Choose and Pick
Free Move Program? Nationwide Coverage is Supported Some Limitations on Coverage Areas
Technical Support? Inexpensive Remote Technicians Costly Onsite Hourly Service Rates