Honeywell Home VISTA 128BPT Dual-Path Ethernet/Cellular Verizon LTE-M Hybrid Commercial Security System (Powered by AlarmNet)

Honeywell Home VISTA 128BPT Dual-Path Ethernet/Cellular Verizon LTE-M Hybrid Commercial Security System (Powered by AlarmNet)
Honeywell Home VISTA 128BPT Dual-Path Ethernet/Cellular Verizon LTE-M Hybrid Commercial Security System (Powered by AlarmNet)
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VISTA 128BPT Control Panel (VISTA 128BPT):  VISTA 128BPT Alarm Battery (IM-1250F1):  VISTA 128BPT Power Transformer (1361-GT):  VISTA 128BPT Dual-Path Verizon LTE-M Communicator (LTEM-PV)*:  VISTA 128BPT Hardwired Programming Keypad with Wireless Receiver (6160RF):  Add Hardwired 8-Zone Expansion Module (4219): 
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Honeywell VISTA-128BPT Control Panel:

The Honeywell VISTA-128BPT is a powerful member of the Honeywell Home family of commercial alarm panels, integrating burglary, CCTV and access control functions. Many features are available that extend the applications of the VISTA-128BPT while simplifying end-user operation.

The VISTA-128BPT is listed for residential burglary, residential fire and commercial burglary applications (see agency listings in this document for more details). They are compatible with a wide range of AlarmNet communications products for alarm reporting, uploading/downloading and remote services provided by GeoArm Security.

Standard Product Features:

  • Provides nine style-B hardwired zones
  • Supports up to 119 additional zones using a built-in polling (V-Plex®, multiplex) loop interface
  • Supports up to 127 wireless zones using up to two 5800 series wireless receivers (fewer if using hardwire and/or polling loop zones)
  • Provides one power-limited bell circuit delivering 1.7Amp (max) at 12VDC
  • Provides the ability to control eight separate partitions independently, each functioning as if it had its own separate control
  • Accommodates 150 user codes with seven authority levels
  • Accommodates 32 keypad macro commands per system
  • Keeps a log of up to 512 events
  • Supports up to 16 compatible two-wire smoke detectors on zone 1
  • Zone 7 may be used for keyswitch arming/disarming
  • Integrates with WIN-PAK access control systems to provide increased users, event log and scheduling
  • Supports V-Plex addressable VISTAKEY access control (up to eight doors and 250 cards)
  • Easily programmed and maintained by Compass Windows-based downloader
  • Supports up to 96 programmable outputs
  • Programmable to meet SIA false alarm prevention specifications. To meet UL approval for ANSI/SIA CP-01-2010, order part number V128BPTSIA
  • Supports up to six touchscreen Advanced User Interface (AUI) devices (6272 or later)
  • Smoke detector reset at keypad
  • Quick exit
  • Group bypass
  • Arm faulted
  • Event arming
  • Carbon monoxide (CO) zone type support
  • Expanded high-speed RS-232 capability for third party interface and automation
  • Internet upload/download over AlarmNet LTE and/or IP communicators over the panel's keypad (ECP) bus
  • Ringback support for AlarmNet communicators (confirmation of closing report)
  • 24-hour dialer test support for AlarmNet devices
  • Supports V-Plex Smart Contact feature for improved responsiveness on systems with many V-Plex zones
  • Telco line cut detection

*Please Note: Parts listed above require a subscription to Total Connect 2.0 powered by GeoArm.

Honeywell VISTA-128BPT Product Specifications:

Agency Listing to the Following Standards:

  • UL609 Grade A Local Mercantile Premises and Mercantile Safe and Vault
  • UL1610 Grades A, AA Central Station
  • UL365 Grades A, AA Police Connect
  • UL985 Household Fire
  • UL1023 Household Burglar Alarm California State Fire Marshall (CSFM)
  • UL1635 - Digital Alarm Communicator System Units
  • CAN/ULC - S303
  • CAN/ULC - S304
  • CAN/ULC - S545
  • CAN/ULC - S1023
  • For commercial burglary attack proof requirements, use N5873V4BE attack proof enclosure provided in VISTA-ULKT kit


  • Voltage Input: From Honeywell Home No. 1361 Plug-In Transformer or 1361X10 transformer (for X-10 installations) rated 16.5VAC, 40 VA
  • Use 1361CN plug-in transformer for Canada
  • Alarm Sounder Output: 10VDC-13.8VDC, 1.7 amps max., (UL1023, UL609 installations); 750mA less aux. current draw (UL985 installations)
  • Auxiliary Power Output: 9.6VDC13.8VDC, 750mA max. For UL installations, the accessories connected to the output must be UL Listed, and rated to operate in the above voltage range
  • Backup Battery: 12VDC, 4AH or 7AH sealed-lead acid. YUASA NP4-12 (12V, 4AH) or NP7-12 (12V, 7AH) recommended
  • Standby Time: Four hours min. with 750mA aux. load using 7AH battery
  • Circuit Protectors: PTC circuit breakers are used on battery input to protect against reverse battery connections and on alarm sounder output to protect against wiring faults (shorts). A solid state circuit breaker is used on auxiliary power output to protect against wiring faults (shorts).

Main Dialer:

  • Formats Supported: ADEMCO Contact ID with support for four-digit and tendigit accounts and ADEMCO 4 + 2 Express
    • Line Seize: Double Pole
      • Ringer Equivalence: 0.7B

      Cabinet Dimensions:

      • Dimensions: 12.5"W X 14.5"H x 3.0" D

      Additional Information:

      Basic Hardwired Zones:
      Provides nine style-B hardwired zones with the following characteristics:
      • EOLR supervision (optional for zones 2-8) supporting N.O. or N.C. sensors (EOLR supervision required for fire and UL burglary installations)
      • Individually assignable to one of eight partitions
      • Up to 16 two-wire smoke detectors on zone 1
      • Four-wire smoke or heat detectors on zones 1-8 (power to four-wire smoke detectors must be supervised with an EOL device). Listed for residential fire only.

      Polling Loop Expansion:
      Supports up to 119 additional zones using a built-in polling (V-Plex, multiplex) loop interface. Current draw can total up to 128mA. Polling loop zones have the following characteristics:
      • Must use V-Plex devices
      • Supervised by control panel
      • Individually assignable to one of eight partitions
      • Supports VSI Module
      • Supports 4297 Expander Module
      • Maximum wiring distance = 12,000 feet

      Wireless Expansion:
      Supports up to 127 wireless zones using up to two 5800 Series wireless receivers (fewer if using hardwire and/or polling loop zones).
      Wireless zones have the following characteristics:
      • Supervised by control panel for check-in signals (except certain nonsupervised transmitters)
      • Tamper protection for supervised transmitters
      • Individually assignable to one of eight partitions

      Provides the following scheduling capabilities:
      • Open/close schedules (for control of arming/disarming and reporting)
      • Holiday schedules (allows different time windows for open/close schedules)
      • Timed events (for activation of relays, auto-bypassing and unbypassing, auto-arming and disarming, etc.)
      • Access schedules (for limiting system access to users by time)
      • End user output programming mode (provides 20 timers for output control)

      Eight Partitions:
      Provides the ability to control eight separate areas independently, each functioning as if it had its own separate control. Partitioning features include:
      • A Common Lobby partition (1-8), which can be programmed to arm automatically when the last partition that shares the common lobby is armed, and to disarm when the first partition that shares the common lobby is disarmed
      • A Master partition (9), used strictly to assign keypads for the purpose of viewing the status of all eight partitions at the same time (master keypads)
      • All zones assignable to one of eight partitions
      • Keypads assignable to one of eight partitions or to Master partition 9 to view system status
      • Ability to assign relays to one or all eight partitions
      • Ability to display fire and/or burglary and panic and/or trouble conditions at all other partitions’ keypads (selectable option)
      • Individually programmable account number, entry delay and exit delay by partition

Honeywell VISTA-128BPT Accessories Information:

Auxiliary Devices:

• 4204 - Relay Module, four form C contacts
• 5881 Series - RF Receiver supporting 5800 wireless detectors
• 6160 - Alpha Keypad/Annunciator
• 6220S - System Printer

Manual Pull Stations:
• 5140MPS-1
• 5140MPS-2

V-Plex (addressable) Devices:
• 4101SN Single Relay/Zone Module
• 4190SN Remote Point Module - two zones
• 4193SN Two-zone Serial Interface Module
• 4208EX - Eight-zone expander for ULC commercial installations
• 4208SN Loop Expansion Module - eight zones
• 4209U Group Zoning Module - two/four zones
• 4293SN One-zone Serial Interface Module
• 4297 Isolation/Extender Module
• VSI Short/Overload Isolation Module
• 5193SD
• 5193SDT

Passive Infrared Detectors:

• IS2500SN
• DT7500SN

V-Plex (addressable) Contacts:
• 4939SN-WH
• 4944SN-WH
• 4959SN
V-Plex Glassbreak Detectors:
• FG1625SN
VISTA Interactive Phone Module:
• 4286 VIP Module
Optional Communicators:
• AlarmNet Internet/Intranet communicators and digital cellular communicators

Access Control:

• VISTAKEY V-Plex (addressable) Access Control
• VISTAKEY-SK Starter Kit
• VISTAKEY-EX Expansion Kit

Wireless Devices:

• 5804 - Wireless Key
• 5804BD - Bidirectional Key
• 5804BDV - Bidirectional Key with voice
• 5816 - Door/Window Transmitter
• 5819 - Shock Sensor
• 5827BD - Bidirectional Keypad
• 5853 - Glassbreak Detector
• 5898 - Wireless DUAL TEC Motion Sensor
• 5800PIR-OD - Outdoor Motion Sensor
• 5870API - Asset Protection Device
• 5800PIR/5800PIR-RES/5800PIR-COM - Wireless Motion Detectors
• 5800CO (5800COA - Canada) - Wireless Carbon Monoxide Detector
• 5800RP - Wireless Repeater
• 5808W3 (5808W3A - Canada) - Wireless Smoke Detector
• 5809 - Wireless Heat Detector

Commercial Listed Wireless Devices:

• 5817CB - Commercial UL Burglary, Universal Contact Monitoring Transmitter*
• 5869 - Commercial UL Wireless Hold-up Button*
• 5881ENHC and 5883H Receivers* (When used with 5881ENHC and/or 5883H receiver.)

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