5817CBXT - Resideo Honeywell Home Wireless 3-Zone Universal Commercial Alarm Transmitter

5817CBXT - Resideo Honeywell Home Wireless 3-Zone Universal Commercial Alarm Transmitter
5817CBXT - Resideo Honeywell Home Wireless 3-Zone Universal Commercial Alarm Transmitter
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Honeywell 5817CBXT Product Description:

The Honeywell 5817CBXT is a universal contact-monitoring transmitter that can be used with residential and commercial fire and burglary-initiating devices such as door/window contacts, motion and glassbreak detectors, sprinkler water flow switches, tamper switches, post indicator valves, manual pull stations and remote duct detectors. Upon activation, it emits an RF signal to a control panel, which can send a burglary or fire alarm to the GeoArm central station. The 5817CBXT has three unique input loops (zones).

The first loop (primary loop) is Normally Open Supervised via EOLR and typically used for high-priority alarm reporting such as commercial fire or burglary. The second loop is the built-in, normally closed reed switch used in conjunction with a magnet (included). The third loop is another normally closed household burglary loop. All three loops may be used. A fourth (automatically enrolled) loop is sent for the two tamper switches (cover and back) to protect the 5817CBXT.

Product Features:

  • Weatherproof for outdoor use
  • For extra wide gaps use the 7945-2GY external contact
  • For extended wireless range use the 5800RP
  • Easy-to-open case requires no special tools
  • Mounting plate for easy battery replacement
  • Built-in reed switch contact loop
  • Built-in wired closed contact loop (for use with external devices)
  • Mounting plate for easy battery replacement (screw mountable)
  • Transmits supervisory, alarm, and low battery signals
  • Stainless steel or nylon cable tie mountable (ties not included)
  • Magnet and magnet spacer included
  • Meets NEMA4X water protection
  • 5800-Series wireless transmitter
  • Case tamper protection
  • Paintable plastic housing to match any surface*
  • Ideal for door and windows
  • Backed by Honeywell's 2-year limited manufacturer's warranty
  • Compatible with Honeywell 5800-Series wireless products

*Recommended Paints: Krylon® "Fusion for Plastic", Rust-Oleum® "Plastic" and Dupli-Color® "Vinyl & Fabric Coating"

Honeywell 5817CBXT Product Specifications:

  • Dimension of Sensor: 1-9/16" W x 3-1/2" H x 1-3/16" D (40mm x 89mm x 30mm high off mounting surface)
  • Dimension of Magnet: 0.89" W x 4.02" H x 0.92" D (22.5mm x 102mm x 23.27mm)
  • Operating Temperature: -40°F to 150°F (-40°C to 66°C) at RH of 100% (UL: Rated at RH of 85%)
  • Battery (included): Lithium 3V CR123 (2 needed)
  • Replacement Battery: Panasonic CR123A, Duracell DL123A, Sanyo CR123A, Varta CR123A, or ADEMCO 466
  • Frequency: 345MHz
  • Case Color: White
  • Range: Up to 500 ft.
  • Maximum Gap: 1.75" on wood, vinyl and non-metallic surfaces and 1.25" on steel to facilitate easier installation
  • Agency Listings: Approved for UL Commercial Burglary listed control panels (e.g., VISTA-50P) and receivers (e.g., 5881ENHC); UL634, UL1023, ULC C1023, ULC-ORD-C634-86

Honeywell 5817CBXT Product Compatibility:

• 466
• 5899
• L7000
• L5200
• V250FBPT
• 5800
• L5210
• L7000LA
• L5210-CN
• L5210LA
• L5100
• V128FBPT
• FA1670C-9
• FA1700C-9
• FA270RF
• FA570RF
• FA1670CT
• FA1700CT
• 6150RF
• 5800RP
• 5881ENH
• 5881ENHC
• 5881ENL
• 5881ENM
• 6160RF
• 5883H
• L5000
• L3000
• L3000-CN
• V128FBP-9
• V128FBPN
• V250FBP-9
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