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PROSiXRPTR - Resideo Honeywell Home Wireless RF Alarm Signal Repeater
List Price: $155.72
Your Price: $103.82
PROA7DM - Resideo Honeywell Home Desk-Mount Kit (for ProSeries Control Panels)
List Price: $32.42
Your Price: $21.61

Resideo PROSiX-Series Wireless Technology:

PROSiX is the next generation wireless technology for security and the connected home. With its innovative technology and superior performance, PROSiX enables faster installation, easier troublshooting and remote diagnostics geared to assist the DIYer.

Compatible with the Resideo ProSeries platform, PROSiX technology is available in a broad selection of devices for intrusion, life safety, property protection, as well as in wearables, giving users immediate and convenient access to important system functions.

GeoArm never locks our customers out of the system programming and give end-users the option to how they want sensors to be programmed into their ProSeries security systems.

Resideo ProSeries PROSiX-Series Benefits:

  • Secure Encryption: Employ's 128-bit AES encryption for a high level of security.
  • Anti-Takeover: Helps prevent competitive account takeovers and conversions as SiX devices, when enabled devices, are locked into panels and must be unpaired by the installing dealer to be used again.
  • Simple Installation: Speed installation and eliminate errors with sensor's battery pull-tab, auto-enrollment and no-touch adjustment. Reduce on-site visits with remote configuration.
  • Remote Diagnostics: Use System Health Check to proactively troubleshoot by monitoring device signal strength, sensor settings, and battery life anytime, anywhere.
  • Fewer Truck Rolls: Reduces expensive truck rolls with user-replaceable batteries and the ability to remotely adjust sensor parameters and download software updates.

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