PROINDMV - Resideo Honeywell Home Wireless Indoor MotionViewer (for ProSeries Control Panels)

PROINDMV - Resideo Honeywell Home Wireless Indoor MotionViewer (for ProSeries Control Panels)
PROINDMV - Resideo Honeywell Home Wireless Indoor MotionViewer (for ProSeries Control Panels)

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ProSeries PROINDMV Product Description:

The Resideo Honeywell Home PROINDMV is a wireless motionviewer detector that is intended for use with control panels that support PROSiX-Series devices. The PROINDMV motionviewer is compatible with the ProSeries PROA7, ProSeries PROA7C, ProSeries Canada PROA7CN, ProSeries PROA7PLUS, ProSeries PROA7PLUSC or ProSeries Canada PROA7PLUSCN all-in-one wireless touchscreen control panels. The PROINDMV motion detector is battery-operated device that includes an integrated PIR motion sensor, digital video camera and white flash illuminators. This wireless detector is powered by 3 CR123A Lithium batteries that provide up to 4 years of battery life.

After installed in a ProSeries security system, the PROINDMV can detects a potential intruder and record a short video clip enabling video alarm verification. The confirmation that an intrusion or other event is in progress can reduce false alarms and help achieve a faster, higher priorit response from first responders.

When the ProSeries system is armed and the motion detector senses motion anywhere within it's large 40' x 56' foot detection pattern, the camera captures up to a 10-second digital video segment. The alarm and video segment are reported via the control panel to the DIYer, in accordance with the system's configuration and programming.

The PROINDMV requires no wiring or remote power. Fully portable battery powered camera allows for flexibility in selecting adequate mounting locations. Programming and RF testing should be done while the device is in its intended mounting location to ensure good communication between the ProSeries control panel and the motionviewer. Mount indoors in a temperature-controlled environment at a mounting height of 7' 6" (2.3m) off the ground and where a pet cannot come within 6 feet (1.8m) of the sensor by climbing on furniture, stairs, boxes or other objects. Pet immunity is selectable, so it can be turned off or turned on up to 80 lbs. Remember to allow for a clear line-of-sight viewing all the areas that you want the PROINDMV to sense movement within. When picking the installation location, keep in mind not to face the motion sensor looking at glass windows and to avoid close proximity to moving fans or machinery, flourescent lights and heating/cooling sources. And, do not paint or cover the detection or camera lens.

After enrolling the PROINDMV motion detector, verify adequate signal strength by conducting a sensor test with the device in its intended mounting location. Adjust the device location and orientation as necessary. The PROINDMV can be mounted on the wall or in corners. The rear case/wall mount MUST be mounted to a stud, solid wood or with a robust wall anchor. Before mounting permanently conduct a sensor test by walking through the detection area in Walk Test mode and observing the LED. The system must be disarmed and the system can only be armed after exiting the Walk Test mode.

Product Features:

  • Motion-Activated Video - Captures video for transmission by a ProSeries panel for alarm verification purposes
  • Fast, Easy Installation - Completely wireless, with long-life lithium batteries
  • Large Coverage Area - 40' x 56' (12m x 17m) detection pattern
  • Fast Video Transfer - Helps expedite alarm verification and response
  • Night Vision - Captures images in little or no light with one white LED
  • Remote Sensitivity Adjustment - Saves time and reduces service calls
  • Strong Data Security - Two-Way AES encryption provides optimum signal integrity and security
  • Supervision - Transmits a periodic check-in/status signal to the ProSeries panel
  • Freshnel lens motion detection - 39.37ft (12m) 90° detection pattern
  • CMOS camera sensor - Camera provides color video stream and live video viewing with a it's wide 90° lens

ProSeries PROINDMV Product Specifications:


  • Battery: 3V CR123A Lithium Batteries (Qty 3; Resideo 300-09028, Duracell DL123A or Panasonic CR-123A, CR-123APA/B, CR123PE/BA batteries)
  • Nominal Voltage: 3V
  • Low Battery Threshold: 2.7V
  • Estimated Battery Life: Up to 4 years based on typical usage*
  • Current Consumption: Standby (1h average) 85µA/Max. 350mA

Radio Properties

  • Wiselink Technology: Included
  • Radio Type: Spread spectrum RF bidirectional
  • Operating Frequency: 915 MHz (USA and Canada)
  • Transmission Security: AES algorithm encryption
  • Supervision: Radio, batteries
  • Radio Antenna: Integrated

  • Installation and Mounting

    • Mounting Height: 7' ft 6" in (2.3m)
    • Application: Mounting on wall - on flat wall or in corner


    • Operating Temperature: 14 to 131°F (-10 to 55°C+)
      • Max. Relative Humidity: 93% without condensing
        • Physical Protection: IP30 and IK04

        Physical Properties

      • Size (H x W x D): 4.92 x 2.05 x 1.81 in (125 x 52 x 46 mm)
      • Weight with Sliding Plate: 5.82 oz (165 g)

      Video Properties


      • Angel (HFOV): 90°
      • Sensor Type: CMOS
      • Spectral Resolution: Color
      • Night Illumination: Automatic with one white LED
      • Video Distance: 23 ft (7 m)
      • Encoding: H.264
      • Frame Rate: 10fps
      • Resolution: QVGA (320 x 240) (VGA capable 640 x 480)
      • Video File Size: Up to 230kB


      • Encoding: JPEG
      • Spatial Resolution: QVGA (320 x 240)/VGA (340 x 480)
      • File Size: Up to 230kB


      • Encoding: H.264
      • Spatial Resolution: QVGA (320 x 240)
      • Frame Rate: 10fps

      Passive Infrared Detection

      • Type: Dual Element Sensor
      • Lens: Fresnel
      • Direction Angle: 90°
      • Detection Distance: 40 x 56 ft (12 x 17 m)
      • Initialization Time: 90 seconds
      • Recovery Time: 90-180 seconds


      915MHz FHSS


      USA FCC Part 15C (FCC47 CFR Part 15)
      CANADA IC (RSS 247, Isssue 1)

      **Battery life may vary by use.

ProSeries PROINDMV Product Compatibility:

  • PROA7
  • PROA7C

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  Great motion viewer for the Money,
Posted By:

I have had two of these at my remote vacation home for about 2 years. Works great. Easy to set up. Very reliable. Good price. Never had a problem with the app. Perfect for what I wanted.

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  So glad i purchased.,
Posted By:

Love this camera takes great wifi signal, great night vision, and motion detection. Would highly recommend it.

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  Easy setup and works smoothly,
Posted By:

This sensor was so easy and quick to set up - I expected it to take much longer than it did! During my test run, it alerted me every time and I feel much more comfortable leaving the house now. This is an affordable option for keeping my place secure. Overall, amazing company. Very excited to see what they have for the future!

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