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What is an Asset Protection Device?

Asset Protection
Protect Valuable Assets Against Theft!

An asset protection device is a security device that is designed to protect valuable assets such as electronics, jewelry, artwork/paintings, and other items of value from theft, damage or loss.

These devices can detect any movement, tilting or vibration of the artwork or frame, and trigger an alarm or notification to the owner and/or GeoArm central monitoring station. They provide real-time notifications so the right people are made aware of a potential threat to the valuables. The goal is to prevent theft, vandalism, or accidental damage to valuable artwork and ensure their protection over time.

Properties that typically use asset protection devices to protect valuable property include:

  • Homes, Museums and Art Galleries: to protect works of arts and artifacts

  • Jewelry Stores and Luxury Retailers: to protect high-value items of jewelry, watches, and other luxury goods

  • Financial Institutions: to secure cash and valuables in vaults and safety deposit boxes

  • Data Centers and IT Departments: to protect equipment and data

  • Industrial and Manufacturing Facilities: to protect expensive machinery and equipment