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ADC-SWV100 - Alarm.com Smart Water Valve
List Price: $398.64
Your Price: $265.76
WS4985 - DSC Wireless Flood Detector
List Price: $123.50
Your Price: $82.34
QS5536-840 - Qolsys IQ Wireless S-Line Flood Water Sensor
List Price: $103.11
Your Price: $68.74
RE118 - Alula Wireless Flood and Temperature Range Sensor (for GE Interlogix)
List Price: $105.28
Your Price: $70.19
RE218 - Alula Wireless Flood and Temperature Range Sensor (for Honeywell Home)
List Price: $105.28
Your Price: $70.19
RE218T - Alula Wireless Flood and Temperature Range Sensor (for 2GIG)
List Price: $64.11
Special Order: $42.74
What is a Smart Flood Sensor?

Smart Flood Monitoring
Protection Against Water Damage!

A smart flood water sensor is a device that is designed to detect the presence of water in a specific area and send an alert to the user or a central monitoring system. It uses smart technology to detect water levels and can be programmed to send notifications to a mobile phone, email, or a smart home hub. Smart water sensors can be used to monitor water levels in basements, bathrooms, and other areas prone to flooding. They can also be used to detect leaks in pipes or water supply systems, helping to prevent water damage and reduce the risk of accidents. Having a smart flood sensor and professional monitoring provides peace of mind knowing that your property is protected and, in the event of a flood or water intrusion, swift action can be taken to prevent further damage.

There are several advantages of having a smart flood water sensor:

1. Early Detection of Potential Flood Damage: Smart flood water sensors detect any signs of water intrusion, enabling early detection of potential flood damage. This helps to prevent or minimize property damage and protect valuables.

2. Real-Time Alerts: Smart flood water sensors can send real-time alerts to the GeoArm central station monitoring service as soon as they detect water. This enables swift action to be taken to prevent flood damage, such as shutting off water sources and activating flood barriers.

3. Professional Response: When the central station monitoring service receives an alert, they can quickly initiate a response, dispatching emergency services if necessary. This ensures prompt response time to minimize damage to property.

4. Remote Monitoring: Smart flood water sensors can be integrated with home automation systems and viewed remotely from a smartphone or tablet. This allows homeowners to monitor their property when they are away and take corrective action in real time.