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Alula Connect+

Alula Connect+

Alula Connect+
Cellular Verizon

Alula Connect+
Dual-Path Verizon
No-Term Contracts:
Central Station Response:
Do-It-Yourself Response:
Nationwide Coverage:
Insurance Discounts:
Product Features? Smart Security Systems with Home Automation, Video Surveillance and More!
Internet Alarm Communications:
WiFi Alarm Communications:
Cellular Verizon Alarm Communications:
Dual-Path Verizon Alarm Communications:
Graphic Touchscreen Panel:
Max. Zone Capacity: 96 96 96 96
Max. Remote Keyfobs: 19 19 19 19
Max. Wireless Keypads: 8 8 8 8
Max. Number of Partitions:
Bluetooth Devices (Smartphones):
User Codes: 50 50 50 50
Interactive Features? Remotely Control Your Security System Using an Interactive Monitoring App!
Powered By: Alula App Alula App Alula App Alula App
Amazon Alexa:
Google Assistant:
Siri Shortcuts:
Front Camera:
Automatic Firmware Updates:
Remote Arm/Disarm:
Auto Arm/Disarm:
Alarm Verification:
Smart Scenes:
Max. Security Cameras: Up to 8 Cameras Up to 8 Cameras Up to 8 Cameras Up to 8 Cameras
Video Doorbell:
Z-Wave Automation: