HSM2300 - DSC Power Supply Module (for PowerSeries Neo Control Panels)

HSM2300 - DSC Power Supply Module (for PowerSeries Neo Control Panels)
HSM2300 - DSC Power Supply Module (for PowerSeries Neo Control Panels)
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DSC HSM2300 Product Description:

The DSC HSM2300 is a power supply module that can provide up to 1.0A of additional current to compatible DSC PowerSeries Neo HS2016, HS2032, HS2064 and HS2128 alarm control panels. The HSM2300 module is a supervised power supply that can be used to power any PowerSeries Neo (Corbus) module or +12 VDC sensor.

The DSC PowerSeries HS2016 Neo and HS2032 Neo panel can add only 1 HSM2300 module. The DSC PowerSeries Neo HS2064 panel can add up to 3 modules per system. And the DSC PowerSeries Neo HS2128 panel can add up to 4 modules per system. The main control panel and power supply shall be powered from the same AC mains circuit.

Product Features:

  • Hardwired zone expansions allows for easy expansion of zones and programmable outputs
  • Fully supervised expansion ensures constant communication with PowerSeries Neo control panel
  • Tamper supervision available, ensuring product is always secure
  • Connects to control panel via 4-wire Corbus
  • Resettable fuse (PTC) used on circuit board instead of replaceable fuses
  • Simple wiring can be home run, daisy chained or tee-tapped anywhere on the Corbus
  • Fully encrypted communications back to PowerSeries Neo
  • Connect up to 4 modules per system
  • Backed by DSC's 1-year limited manufacturer's warranty

DSC HSM2300 Product Specifications:

  • Board Dimensions: 5-45/64" x 3-17/64" in (145mm x 83mm)
  • Board Current Draw: 40 mA (Max)
  • Voltage: 12 VDC Nominal
  • Output Ripple Voltage: 600mVp-p max.
  • Maximum Standby Time: 24h (when using 14Ah battery capacity and AUX current limited to 500mA max.)
  • Recharging Time: up to 85% in 24 hours (use high charging current setting)
  • Low Battery Trouble Indication Threshold: 11.5VDC, restoral level 12.5VDC
  • Corbus (RED terminal) Low Voltage Trouble Threshold: 9VDC
  • Battery Deep Discharge Protection: Cut-Off at 9.6VDC
  • Communication Protocol: PowerG
  • AUX Output: 1 A Max
  • Transformer Secondary Ratings: 16.5Vac, 40VA
  • Battery Capacity: 4Ah, 7Ah, or 14Ah (2 x 7Ah) max
  • Operating Temperature: 14°F to 131°F (-10°C to 55°C)
  • Humidity: 5 to 93% RH, non-condensing

DSC HSM2300 Product LED Indicators:

  • 1 Flash: Module not enrolled
  • 2 Flashes: Panel supervision trouble
  • 3 Flashes: Corbus low voltage
  • 4 Flashes: Battery trouble
  • 5 Flashes: AC trouble
  • 6 Flashes: AUX trouble

DSC HSM2300 Product Compatibility:

  • DSC PowerSeries Neo HS2016 Control Panel
  • DSC PowerSeries Neo HS2032 Control Panel
  • DSC PowerSeries Neo HS2064 Control Panel
  • DSC PowerSeries Neo HS2128 Control Panel

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  Fantastic Device and Service,
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This is a great piece of equipment. It was relatively easy to install and set up and provides a remarkably complete solution at a very reasonable price. Honestly impressed!

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  Best cheap power supply,
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I ordered this to power my DSC powerseries pro control panel. I was able to get this wired in place in a few minutes and it works as intended.

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