HL1-CNT-001-LDZ - Qolsys Z-Wave Plus IQ Lockdown Electromagnetic Door Lock

HL1-CNT-001-LDZ - Qolsys Z-Wave Plus IQ Lockdown Electromagnetic Door Lock
HL1-CNT-001-LDZ - Qolsys Z-Wave Plus IQ Lockdown Electromagnetic Door Lock
Item# HL1-CNT-001-LDZ
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Please Note: The Qolsys HL1-CNT-001-LDZ wireless IQ Lockdown has been marked special order.

Qolsys HL1-CNT-001-LDZ Product Description:

The Qolsys HL1-CNT-001-LDZ IQ Lockdown give the option to lock down rooms individually, in groupings, or system wide within seconds. The IQ Lockdown provides access control protection inside the premise for faculty and staff, while also providing peace of mind to authorities and first responders.

Protect schools, places of worship, safe rooms and more with the IQ Lockdown. The IQ Lockdown has Z-Wave Plus making it easy to pair and control, or use it to expand the mesh network with additional Z-Wave devices. When installed, the IQ Lockdown is 10x stronger than a conventional lock, providing time for police to arrive.

The IQ Lockdown installs easily and can be activated manually, with the Alarm.com mobile app (available for both iPhone and Android), or the optional key fob. With its low maintenance costs and available egress button for use upon "all clear", the HL1-CNT-001-LDZ is the right plan to protect your people. The IQ SmartLock is simple to install within 25 minutes (no power run is needed) and connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Product Features:

  • 10x stronger than a conventional lock
  • Z-Wave Plus compatible
  • Triple level failsafe system
  • Connect multiple locks to one system
  • Control via smart phone, key fob, and manually
  • Wireless and hardwired options (hard installed for permanent security)
  • Key fob, egress button, panic button for quick access
  • Alarm.com mobile app available
  • Manual operation for lock/unlock
  • Fits any standard commercial door with 2" frame
  • Words on in-swing and out-swing doors
  • Rechargeable LiPo battery (2+ years life on a single charge)
  • Government level encryption
  • Made with military grade materials
  • Threat detection with IQ Beacon

Qolsys HL1-CNT-001-LDZ Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 15.5" x 45" x 4.1"
  • Power Supply (Charging): 120v AC USB Adapter for use with included USB charging cable
  • Mount: Works on both outward and inward swinging doors. Designed to be installed onto a standard 2" door frame, backed with poured concrete. If installed onto hollow door frame use the hollow door frame kit hardware kit, sold seperately.
  • Compliance: FCC, 2018 Life Safety Compliant NFPA, ADA Compliant, UL Standard Tested by a NRTL, Independent Strength Testing
  • Remote Control: Using IQ Panel or Alarm.com app, device can be locked and unlocked
  • Manual Control: Device can be manually locked or unlocked at the unit or by egress button (optional)
  • Z-Wave Plus: Utilize the Mesh network by adding additional Z-Wave devices to expand range
  • Multiple Locks: Connect up to 20 Locks to a single IQ Panel
  • Battery: Long life internal rechargeable LiPo battery. Main battery lasts for 3-5 months on a single charge under normal use. Please charge your unit every two to three months. Charge via USB cable.

Qolsys HL1-CNT-001-LDZ Product Compatibility:

  • DSC PowerSeries Neo
  • DSC PowerSeries Pro
  • Qolsys IQ Panel 4
  • Honeywell Home ProSeries
  • Resideo ProSeries
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