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4550CB - Uplink Commercial Burglary Cellular 3/4G GSM Alarm Communicator

4550CB - Uplink Commercial Burglary Cellular 3/4G GSM Alarm Communicator
Please Note: The Uplink 4550CB universal cellular fire alarm communicator has been discontinued without replacement.

Uplink 4550CB Product Description:

The Uplink 4550CB is a universal cellular 4G alarm communicator intended for commercial burglary security systems. The 4500CB communicator is UL Listed for commercial applications and bank-vault security rated. The cellular alarm communicator delivers full event reporting and complete end-to-end signal verification for backup to landline connections. Installation of the 4500CB is remarkably easy, with no additional programming or central station equipment required. Instant onsite activation is available through the Uplink dealer website or live operator, and includes options for automatic, daily or weekly test signals.

Please note that a 16.5V AC power transformer is required for the 4550CB (not included).

Product Features:

  • UL listed for commercial burglar alarm applications
  • Telephone line monitor for backup or primary communications
  • Redundant delivery methods
  • No special receiver or programmer required
  • Built-in charging circuit for battery backup
  • Attack rated enclosure with tamper switches
  • Dial capture for full data alarm delivery
  • Installs in minutes with complete end-to-end signal verification
  • Uplink Remote for interactive control and end-user notifications

Uplink 4550CB Product Specifications:

Product Dimensions (H x W x D): 12.2" x 7.5" x 3.9"
Antenna Dimensions (H x W x D): 7.75"
Alarm Dial Capture: Contact ID, SIA, Modem IIe/IIIa2, Pulse 4/2 (:10, :20, or :40 PPS)
Tamper Switches: Single and Double
Two Inputs: Contact Closure
Central Station: Contact ID, SIA, Modem IIe/IIIa2, Pulse 4/2 (:10, :20, or :40 PPS) Delivered via IP or Dialup
Three Relay Outputs: Two - Configurable (Normally Open), One - Configurable (Normally Closed)
Automated Testing: Monthly, Weekly or Dialy; Programmable for backup or primary reporting
Other Reporting: Low Battery, AC Loss
Status LEDs: Cell Network, Signal Strength, Power, Telco Line, Trouble, Heartbeat
AC Transformer: Use UL Listed 16.5 V AC - 45 Transformer (Not Included)
Backup Battery: Use UL Listed 5.0 Ampere 12V DC battery, PS-1250-F1 or equivalent
Backup Size (L x W x H): 3.5" x 2.75" x 4.00"
Power Supply: Built-in 12V DC power supply with charging circuit
Radio 4G (HSPA+): 850/1900MHz operates on 4G and 3G networks
Transmit Power: Maximum allowable: 1.0W at 1900MHz, 2.0W at 850MHz
Standards: UL365, UL1610, UL1635

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