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4550-CF - Uplink Universal Commercial Fire Cellular 3/4G Alarm Communicator (Compatible with Most Panels)

4550-CF  - Uplink Universal Commercial Fire Cellular 3/4G Alarm Communicator (Compatible with Most Panels)
Please Note: The Uplink 4550-CF commercial fire cellular alarm communicator has been discontinued without replacement.

Uplink 4550-CF Product Description:

The Uplink 4550-CF is a UL Listed 4G cellular alarm communicator for commercial fire applications The 4550-CF delivers full-event reporting and complete end-to-end signal verification as a backup to landline connections. It is UL listed, designed to meet UL 864, UL 1635 and all applicable compliance and performance standards, including National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code NFPA 72. The Uplink 4550-CF is compatible with all major fire panels and supports all common event reporting formats. Instant onsite activation is available through the Uplink dealer website or live operator. The 4550-CF includes the latest 4G technology for the best performance and longevity. Compatible with 2G, 3G and 4G cellular networks, the 4550-CF also operates on networks of multiple carriers for maximum geographic coverage and signaling reliability. The 4550-CF is designed as a 4G backup communicator, to be used with a 45VAC transformer, a battery and its built-in charging circuit. Communicates to the GeoArm central station standard receiver by dial-up, or over the internet to an IP receiver.

Product Features:

  • UL 864 and UL 1635 listed.
  • 4G technology for the finest reliability, longevity and coverage.
  • Dial-capture, two inputs, three outputs and trouble reporting for universal compatibility
  • Compatible with 2G, 3G and 4G networks
  • Backup communications powered from a 45VAC transformer (included) and 5AH backup battery (not included)
  • Uses dial-capture on an analog dialer for full-event reporting.
  • Supports virtually all security systems and multiple receiver formats. Contact ID, SIA, Modem IIe/IIIa/IIIa2, or Pulse 4/2 (:10, :20, or :40 PPS) Formats
  • "Out-of-the-box" operation - no special programmer or central station equipment is required
  • Remote on-demand testing for status and signal strength
  • Complies with NFPA 72, UL 864 (Standard for Control Units and Accessories for Fire Alarm Systems)
  • Full event reporting for telephone line monitoring for backup communications
  • Industry's only proprietary ISO certified network services
  • Installs in minutes with complete end-to-end signal verification
  • Daily, weekly or monthly testing options
  • UL Listed for Commercial Fire Applications
  • Works with any central station - no programmer required

Uplink a Trusted Parnter:

The Uplink 4550-CF is a member of the Uplink family of cellular alarm communicators. Our products deliver the unique combination of reliable technology and superior value that has made Uplink the security industry's most trusted source for alarm communicators since 1996. 4G, GSM or CDMA protocols, primary or backup applications, summary or full data reporting, there is an Uplink wireless alarm communicator for virtually any security system on the market today. With hundreds of thousands of installed communicators throughout the United States and Canada, Uplink delivers on its promise as the security dealer's trusted partner. Plus, Uplink communicators are backed by the unique combination of the proprietary ISO-27001 certified network service offering.

Uplink 4550-CF Product Specifications:

Product Height: 12.2"
Product Width: 7.5"
Product Length: 3.9"
Antenna: 7.75"
Alarm Dial Capture: Contact ID, SIA, Modem lle/lla, or Pulse, 4/2, DMP-DD
Two Inputs: Contact Closure Monitors telephone line for backup use
UL Standards: UL 864, UL 1635
Central Station: Contact ID, SIA, Modem lle/lla, DMP-IP, Pulse, 4/2 (:10, :20, or :40PPS), Delivered via IP or Dial-Up
Three Relay Outputs: (2) configurable - normally open, (1) configurable - normally closed
Other Reporting: Low Battery, AC Loss
Automated Testing: Monthly, Weekly or Daily
Status LEDs: Cellular Network, Signal Strength, Power, Telco Line, Trouble, Heartbeat
AC Transformer: UL Listed 16.5V AC - 45 VA transformer (Included)
Battery Backup: UL Listed 5.0 Ampere 12V DC Battery PS-1250-F1 or equivalent
Battery Size: 3.5" x 2.75" x 4.00"
Power Supply: Built-in 12V DC Power Supply with charging circuit
Radio 4G (HSPA+): 850/1900Mz operates on 4G, 3G and 2G networks
Transmit Power: Maximum Allowable: 1.0W at 1900MHz, 2.0W at 850 MHz
Q & A's: Uplink 4550-CF Universal Commercial Fire Cellular 3/4G Alarm Communicator (Compatible with Most Panels)

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