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4500EZ - Uplink Universal 3/4G GSM Wireless Cellular Alarm Communicator
4500EZ - Uplink Universal 3/4G GSM Wireless Cellular Alarm Communicator
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Uplink 4500EZ 4G GSM Communicator:

The Uplink 4500EZ includes the latest 4G technology for the best performance and longest life cycle. Compatible with 2G, 3G and 4G cellular networks, the 4500EZ also operates on redundant networks for maximum reliability. The 4500EZ is the most economical Uplink 4G communicator.
Simply connect the compact 4500EZ to the siren output and up to three other outputs for universal compatibility. The 4500EZ is designed as a summary event communicator and offers all the features of its 2G counterpart. All major formats are supported for compatibility with virtually all alarm systems and central stations. Installation of the Uplink 4500EZ is remarkably easy with the use of a secure website and unit switch settings.

Product Features:

  • Primary or redundant 4G alarm communications for residential or commercial security.
  • "Out-of-the-box" operation - no additional central station equipment or programmer.
  • Supports virtually all security systems and multiple formats.
  • Contact ID, SIA, Pulse 4/2 and Modem II/IIa.
  • Programmable monthly, weekly, or daily status and signal tests.
  • Power from the panel or seperate 12V DC power supply (not included).
  • 4 inputs, 2 outputs for additional signaling.
  • Login @ uplinkremote.com for remote control.
  • Programmable output for easy power reset.

Uplink A Trusted Partner:

The Uplink 4500EZ is a new member of the Uplink family of alarm communicators. Uplink products deliver the unique combination of technology, quality, options and superior value that has made Uplink the security industry's most trusted source for alarm communicators since 1996. Options include 4G, 2G, CDMA or broadband communications, primary or backup units, signaling only or Uplink remote services, one year warranty or optional Lifetime Guarantee, summary or full event reporting, service in the U.S. or Canada, and different power choices to fit the needs of each installation. With hundreds of thousands of installed communicators throughout the United States and Canada, Uplink has the experience and expertise to provide the most reliable products and the finest support.
Plus, Uplink wireless communicators are backed by the unique combination of the proprietary ISO-27001 certified network service offering and an advanced dealer support web management tool.

Uplink 4500EZ Product Specifications:

Product Height: 4.75"
Product Width: 3.30"
Product Length: 1.30"
Central Station: Contact ID, SIA, Pulse 4/2 and Modem II/IIa, Internet or Dial-up
Relay Outputs: Two - Configurable
Four Inputs: Input 1: Connect to Siren/Bell (distinguishes between Burg/steady and Fire/pulsed) or programmable to 12 volts, Input 2-4: 12 volts
Testing: Monthly, Weekly or Dialy
Other Reporting: Low Voltage, Email alerts to customer or alarm company
Status LEDs: Network, Service, Communications
4G (HSPA+): Compatible with 2G, 3G and 4G GSM networks
Cellular Frequencies: 850/1900 MHz
Transmit Power: Maximum allowable: 1.0W at 1900MHz, 2.0W at 850MHz
Power Requirements (Not Included): 12V DC, 500mA max on transmit, 28mA Standby
Optional Accessories: Magnet mount antenna with 9ft cable - part number 1004ANT, 8 inches tall high gain antenna with articulating joint - part number 1005ANT

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