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4530EX - Uplink Universal Primary 3/4G GSM Wireless Cellular Alarm Communicator
4530EX - Uplink Universal Primary 3/4G GSM Wireless Cellular Alarm Communicator
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Uplink 4530EX 4G GSM Communicator:

The Uplink 4530EX is a true 4G (HSPA+) alarm communicator that features both Dial-Capture for full-event reporting and Siren/Bell Sampling for summary-event reporting. The combination of these features in a single communicator makes the 4530EX universally compatible with almost every alarm system and central station. Compatible with 2G, 3G and 4G cellular networks, the Uplink 4530EX communicates to central stations by dialup to any industry standard receiver, or over the internet to an IP receiver - all with the exceptional service and features you've come to expect from Uplink, the leading supplier of alarm communications.

Product Features:

  • 4G technology for compatiblility with 2G, 3G and 4G cellular networks.
  • Perfect for Primary communications for residential alarm systems.
  • Dial-Capture and Siren/Bell Sampling in a single unit.
  • "Out-of-the-box" operation - no special programmer or receivers are required.
  • Remote on-demand testing for status and signal strength.
  • Supports Uplink Remote on systems with a keyswitch zone.
  • Power from the panel or separate 12V DC power supply.
  • Login @ uplinkremote.com for remote control.
  • Smart siren bell sampling to detect burglary or fire condition.
  • Installs in minutes with complete end-to-end signal verification.

Uplink A Trusted Partner:

The Uplink 4530EX is a new member of the Uplink family of alarm communicators. Uplink products deliver the unique combination of technology, quality, options and superior value that has made Uplink the security industry's most trusted source for alarm communicators since 1996. Options include 4G, 2G, CDMA or broadband communications, primary or backup units, signaling only or Uplink remote services, one year warranty or optional Lifetime Guarantee, summary or full event reporting, service in the U.S. or Canada, and different power choices to fit the needs of each installation. With hundreds of thousands of installed communicators throughout the United States and Canada, Uplink has the experience and expertise to provide the most reliable products and the finest support.
Plus, Uplink wireless communicators are backed by the unique combination of the proprietary ISO-27001 certified network service offering and an advanced dealer support web management tool.

Uplink 4530EX Product Specifications:

Product Height: 4.75"
Product Width: 3.30"
Product Length: 1.30"
Antenna: 3.75"
Dial-Capture: Contact ID, SIA, Modem IIe/IIa or Pulse 4/2 (:10,;20, or :40 PPS),Internet or Dial-up
One Relay Outputs: Configurable - normally closed. Connect to the panel for trouble reporting
Other Reporting Methods: Email and Text Message to the alarm company
Periodic Test Signaling: Monthly, Weekly, or Dialy
Status LEDs: Signal Strength, Power, Panel Hook Status
Cellular Radio (HSPA+): Compatible with 2G, 3G and 4G GSM networks
Siren/Bell-Sampling: Connect to Siren/Bell (distinguishes between Burg/steady or Fire/pulsed), or programmable to 12 volt
Uplink Remote Service: Provides remote arming, arm status, event history by web browser or Smart-phone apps. Multi-user support and event notifications by text message, email and smart-phone apps. Requires a momentary or maintained keyswitch zone.

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