4550 - Uplink Universal Full-Data Wireless Cellular 3/4G GSM Alarm Communicator (Compatible with Most Panels)

4550 - Uplink Universal Full-Data Wireless Cellular 3/4G GSM Alarm Communicator (Compatible with Most Panels)
4550 - Uplink Universal Full-Data Wireless Cellular 3/4G GSM Alarm Communicator (Compatible with Most Panels)
Item# L3-4550

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Please Note: The Uplink 4550 universal cellular alarm communicator has been discontinued and replaced by the 5500EZ model number.

Uplink 4550 Product Description:

The Uplink 4550 is a universal full-data wireless cellular 3G/4G GSM alarm communicator that works with most existing alarm systems. The Uplink 4550 communicator expands the capability of a dial up alarm system to transmit signals over the 4G cellular network to GeoArm's nationwide central alarm monitoring station.

Uplink's 4550 is a cost effective solution where no analogue phone line is available to send signals safely and wirelessly. The 4550 can be used for retrofits on existing security systems, takeovers and new installations due to its universal nature. This alarm communicator converts the dial output of the alarm system to a GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) signal that is transmitted securely to GeoArm's central station server. In addition to normal alarm signaling, the 4550 supports two-voice communications, remote programming and touchtone remote control. Uplink's 4550 4G cellular communicator is fast and easy to install.

Product Features:

  • Full Alarm/Event Reporting
  • Easy for GeoArm to Takeover
  • Suports Systems Using Contact ID
  • Simple to Install
  • Includes Transformer and 12V Power Supply
  • Central Station Notifications for Loss of GSM Connection
  • Uplink Remote Supported

Uplink 4550 Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 4.5" x 3" x 1" (in)
  • Power: 12V DC from transformer or panel (270mA)
  • Universal Power Supply: 12V DC, or 0.5A, UL-Listed transformer
  • Ethernet Cable: CAT5 (Included)
  • Status Reporting: LEDs for Power, Internet (WAN), Panel (PHONE1)
  • IP Outage Reporting: Loss of IP Notifications
  • Other Reporting Methods: Email and Text Message to the alarm company
  • Periodic Test Signaling: Monthly, Weekly, or Dialy
  • Status LEDs: Signal Strength, Power, Panel Hook Status
  • Cellular Radio (HSPA+): Compatible with 2G, 3G and 4G GSM networks
  • Siren/Bell-Sampling: Connect to Siren/Bell (distinguishes between Burg/steady or Fire/pulsed), or programmable to 12 volt
  • Uplink Remote Service: Provides remote arming, arm status, event history by web browser or Smart-phone apps. Multi-user support and event notifications by text message, email and smart-phone apps. Requires a momentary or maintained keyswitch zone.
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