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Qolsys IQ Wireless Z-Wave Smart Socket (QZ2100-840)
Qolsys IQ Wireless Z-Wave Smart Socket (QZ2100-840)
Item# QZ2100-840
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Qolsys QZ2100-840 Smart Socket:

The Qolsys IQ Socket QZ2100-840 is a "smart" socket that can not only turn plugged in devices on or off, but can tell you the amount of power they are consuming, and unlike other devices the IQ socket can monitor and control both its outlets. The IQ Smart Socket is a revolutionary Z-Wave device that allows you to control two outlets from your IQ panel or smartphone. With a digital LCD readout of real-time energy usage, the IQ Smart Socket will help you understand your energy consumption so you can make adjustments as desired.

Product Features:

  • Control up to two outlets independently
  • See real-time energy usage from the device or from your IQ Panel
  • Get historical energy reports
  • Assign custom names to your devices
  • Create custom schedules to activate devices automatically

Qolsys QZ2100-840 Product Specifications:

Z-Wave Technology Overview:

  • Operation frequency - 908.42 (USA)
  • Modulation : BFSK/GFSK
  • Bandwidth - 9.6 Kbps with a raise to 40 Kbps fully interoperable
  • Range : Indoor (30m), "open air" condition (100m)
  • Operating Temperature : -35°C - 120°C
  • Device Activated Time : 5 ms
  • Total Nodes in one Network : 232
  • Relative Humidity : 5 - 95&per; Non-Condensing

Smart Socket Specs:

  • Dimensions: 4.8H x 3.3W x 1.5D in.
  • Operation Temperature : -10°C - 50°C
  • Relative Humidity : 5 - 95&per; Non-Condensing
  • Storage Temperature : -40°C - 80°C

Q & A's : QZ2100-840 Qolsys IQ Wireless Smart Socket

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