QZ-8100-840 - Qolsys IQ Wireless Image Motion Sensor (w/Built-In Camera)

QZ-8100-840 - Qolsys IQ Wireless Image Motion Sensor (w/Built-In Camera)
Please Note: The QZ-8100-840 image motion sensor has been discontinued and replaced by the Alarm.com ADC-IS-300-LP model number.

Qolsys QZ8100-840 Image Sensor:

The Qolsys IQ Image Sensor QZ8100-840 is a motion sensor with a built in still camera. The QZ8100-840 is powered by Alarm.com, and is an innovative device that makes a consumer grade surveillance system an affordable reality. The IQ Image Sensor is easy to mount with corner or wall mounted versatility that incrementally adjusts. With a still camera built into a motion sensor, the device combines two important features into a single device, making installation easy and maximizing affordability. The QZ8100-840 motion sensor uses infrared technology and has a range up to 40'. The still camera takes 2 stills at a time, 5 infrared LEDs for low light and dark conditions (like night vision). Like the motion sensor, it can be installed for pet sensitivity, reducing the risk of a false alarm in homes with pets, but it also has the unique ability to take still photographs. If the alarm is triggered the Image Sensor will automatically take pictures and send them to your panel and your mobile device. You can also choose to "Peek in Now" or "Next Motion".

Product Features:

  • Communicated directly with the Image Sensor radio built into the IQ Panel
  • Takes pictures in both daylight and low light conditions
  • Peek in right now, the next time the sensor detects motion, or when the alarm is triggered
  • Images can be received via e-mail or text, or inside your Alarm.com mobile app

Qolsys QZ8100-840 Product Specifications:

  • Cover tamper: Protects against deliberate tampering
  • Wireless signal range: 600ft (200M), open air
  • Connects Using: 900MHZ (802.15.4)
  • Mounting height and distance: 8ft (2.4M) or 6ft (1.8M)
Q & A's : Qolsys QZ-8100-840 Wireless IQ Image Motion Sensor w/Built-In Camera

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