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LCP500-DK - Resideo Honeywell Home Desk-Mount Kit (for Lyric Controllers)
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LKP500-DK - Resideo Honeywell Home Desk-Mount Stand (for Lyric Keypad)
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Honeywell Home SiX-Series Wireless Technology:

The Honeywell Lyric Controller security system has added a whole new product line of wireless devices called SiX-Series sensors. SiX Sensors provide key advantages over the previous Honeywell 5800-Series sensors.

The most popular and important upgrade to SiX Sensors is its secure encryption capabilities. These Sensors report their supervised signals back to a supported alarm control panel such as the Lyric Controller by introducing secure wireless 128-bit encrypted AES signals for a much higher level of security. This is accomplished with direct sequence, spread spectrum DSSS, two-way radio utilizing the 2.4GHz RF band. Six-Series transmitters use a 16 digit MAC address that must be learned and paired with a compatible system.

In the 2.4GHz Wi-Fi band there are 16 channels available for SiX Sensors and when a device registers with a supported control panel, it will automatically determine which frequency channel the panel is operating on. This creates a fluctuation in the reporting signals which enables the encryption.

SiX Sensors allow for easier DIY installations and maintenance with its easy pull battery tabs, auto enrollment and no touch adjustment capabilities. SiX is easier to maintain with its addition of the system health check feature. This feature lets the end users monitor their sensors signal strength so you know the location of the device is sufficient, battery life so you can prepare yourself to replace batteries before they go into a trouble condition, sensor settings to make self-adjustments to the way sensors react and temperature status. All of these additions can also be remotely monitored and adjusted by AlarmCub if you are a monitored client.

A feature called Lyric Lock has been introduced with the SiX-Series devices. Honeywell Lyric Lock works when a SiX Sensor is programmed to a Lyric Controller it can only communicate with that dedicated system until it has been deprogrammed. This is one feature to be wary about because alarm companies can remotely turn Lyric Lock on to prevent account takeovers by competitors or self-programming.

Six-Series sensors can be unpaired by either deleting the transmitters from zone programming or by defaulting the panel while the transmitter is within range. When a SiX device is deleted from a panel, the panel sends a signal to the transmitter to tell it that it has been deleted and unpaired. Each transmitter can also be defaulted within 24 hours from being paired. Each time a SiX transmitter is learned and paired with a panel, the 24 hour default window restarts. Keep in mind, the SiXFOB's require a keypress to initiate the unpairing.

Rest assured that GeoArm never locks our customers out of their system programming. We give DiYer's the option to how they want sensors to be programmed into their Six-Series compatible security systems without lock-outs.

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