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▼ 2GIG GC2e Firmware Update Device (UPDV) ▼

Please read the following information carefully before downloading your new firmware.

Easy Updater Tool for GC2 & TS1:

The Easy Updater for GC2/GC2e & TS1 (2GIG-UPDV) is a compact, portable tool that lets DiYer's load the latest firmware update onto the GC2/GC2e Control Panels and Wireless Touchscreen Keypad (2GIG-TS1) without requiring a computer. This device will update GC2/GC2e Control Panels with Firmware 1.21 and higher, and Touchscreen Keypad with 1.21 and higher. With a compact design intended to easily fit in a technician toolbox, the device ships with the firmware update package already installed.

More Details (PDF): Click Here


Firmware Update to v1.23 for DiYer's using the Easy Updater for GC2 (2GIG-UPDV).

It's easy to update the Easy Updater for GC2e:
  1. Download the correct language file executable from the list to the right.
  2. Plug the Easy Updater into the PC using a micro-USB data cable (not included).
  3. Run the language file executable you downloaded.

Now you're ready to start flashing GC2e panels and TS1 Keypads with the new v1.23 firmware.

Instructions (PDF): Click Here (Version 1.23 firmware or later)

NOTE: Firmware versions for BOTH the GC2 Control Panel and the Touchscreen Keypad (2GIG-TS1) must be at v1.10 or higher. For GC2E the the firmware version must be v1.21 or higher. With a compact design intended to easily fit in a technicianís toolbox, the device ships with the firmware update package already installed.

Release Notes (PDF): Click Here (Version 1.23 updates version 1.21 or later)

Firmware Downloads (V1.23)

Firmware update for GC2e
Firmware update for TS1

In English: Click Here

In French: Click Here

In Spanish: Click Here
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