2GIG-CO3-345 - 2GIG Wireless Carbon Monoxide Detector

2GIG-CO3-345 - 2GIG Wireless Carbon Monoxide Detector
2GIG-CO3-345 - 2GIG Wireless Carbon Monoxide Detector
Item# 2GIG-CO3-345

Please Note: The 2GIG-CO3-345 wireless smoke detector ring has been discontinued without replacement.

2GIG-CO3-345 Product Description:

The 2GIG-CO3-345 is a wireless carbon monoxide detector that is designed for indoor use, to detect the presence of CO gas. If deadly CO gas is detected, the CO3 communicates an alarm initiating signal to your Go!Control alarm panel. The carbon monoxide detector is battery operated with a low battery sensor, and an end-of-life notification. Likewise, this device also contains an 85 dBA sounder, as well as a hush/test button for trouble shooting purposes.

The 2GIG-CO3-345 wireless carbon monoxide alarm is a 3V battery powered wireless detector intended for use with wireless alarm systems. The detector consists of an electrochemical carbon monoxide sensor assembly coupled to a wireless transmitter. The 2GIG-CO3-345 communicates with the control panel and can send alarm, tamper and battery condition messages to the system's receiver.

Tricolored LED (green, yellow, red) and a sounder on the detector provide local visual and audible indication of the CO3-345 detector's status. During initial power up the LED blinks alternately green, yellow then red. It takes about 60 seconds for the CO3-345 detector's CO sensor to stabilize. After power up has completed and the detector is functioning normally, the green LED blinks once every 12 seconds. When the sensor supervision is in trouble condition, the yellow LED blinks once every six seconds and there is a chirp every 45 seconds. After 12 hours the panel will display a loss of supervision message. When the CO3-345 detector has reached the end of its life, the yellow LED blinks once every 23 seconds and there is a chirp every 45 seconds. After 12 hours the panel will display a loss of supervision message. This indicates that the CO3-345CO sensor inside the detector has passed the end of its life and the detector must be replaced. The detector lifespan is five years from the date of manufacture.

Product Features:

  • Built in 85 decibel sounder
  • Hush/Test button
  • Tamper Protected
  • Lithium battery
  • End of life detector
  • 345 MHz
  • ETL Listed

2GIG-CO3-345 Product Specifications:

  • Power Source: One 3 volt CR123A Panasonic Lithium battery
  • Audible Signal (temp 4 tone): 85 dBA min. in alarm at 10 ft. (3m)
  • Operating Current: 10µA
  • Backup Battery Life: >3 years with AC power, >7 days without AC power
  • Operating Temperature: 40°F (4.4°C) to 100°F (37.8°C)
  • Relative Humidity: 15-95% Non-Condensing
  • Agency Listings: UL Standard 2075, UL 2034 and CSA 6.19?01

2GIG-CO3-345 Product Includes:

  • Wireless Carbon Monoxide Alarm with base
  • Pack of screws and fixings
  • Stickers as appropriate
  • (1) CR123A Panasonic battery
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