ZW121-A - Aeotec Z-Wave LED Light Strip

ZW121-A - Aeotec Z-Wave LED Light Strip
ZW121-A - Aeotec Z-Wave LED Light Strip
Item# ZW121-A

Please Note: The Aeotec ZW121-A LED light strip has been discontinued without replacement.

Aeotec ZW121-A Product Description:

The Aeotec ZW121-A is a Z-Wave LED multi-color light strip. Lighting has changed with over 16 million colors to choose from! It's now smart and it's now connected. It can now turn on when you enter a room or turn off when you're not home. Lighting is now also decorative. Painting your rooms, halls and stairs with perfect colours. Your home is no longer decorated with just furniture and and photos.

Lighting that you can put anywhere. The ZW121-A has 30 RGB lights per meter, 30 cool white lights per meter, and 30 warm lights per meter. With the ZW121-A you finally have lighting that lets you paint your home in 16 million colors of light or perfect shades of white.

The ZW121-A is the all-in-one out of the box LED light strip measuring 5 meters (197"). Using dedicated white LEDs for usable light. LED The LED strip comes with wireless control built right in. That means that you can control and tune it on demand, on a timer, or via Z-Wave.

Product Features:

  • Switches: Brighten and control from Z-Wave switches and remote controls including WallMote.
  • Schedules: LED Strip can be automated to work on highly customizable schedules.
  • In a scene: Synced with other Z-Wave lighting, LED Strip can be part of home light setting.
  • Apps: Controllable via Z-wave smart phone and tablet apps.
  • Responsive: Incredibly powerful, LED Strip can intelligently respond to Z-Wave sensors including MultiSensor 6.
  • Notifications: Custom colours can be used to visually notify you including providing safety alerts.
  • White light: The light that fills our homes needs to be both functional and beautiful. LED Strip offers both. Perfect whites are offered by dedicated white light diodes allowing LED Strip to replicate both daylight and warm light.
  • Ambient light: Lighting should always be perfect. Turn on a light and it should be just the right brightness. LED Strip can be dimmed from its 5,000 lumens to just 1% brightness. And it can be dimmed on demand or dimmed responsively via Z-Wave.
  • Decorative light: Change the colour of a room without even a drop of paint. 16 million different colours of high-quality lighting are offered by LED Strip's RGBW lighting engine. Now vibrant colours can fill a full room or a select corner just as paint normally fills your walls.
  • 25,000 hours: LED Strip has been engineered that it can emit the perfect shade of light for over 25,000 hours of use.
  • 80 CRI: Colour accuracy is everything; LED Strip is able to produce colours at a colour rendering index level of of 80.
  • Low power: Using 1.2 watts of power when turned off, LED Strip uses as little as only 14 watts per metre when fully illuminated.
  • Outdoor lighting: Provided the strip isn't exposed to direct sun and its hub is indoors or sealed and, LED Strip can be used outdoors in ranges between -20°C and 40°C.
  • Bright light, low power: It's equivalent to a 250 watt incandescent bulb, but it's also lower power. LED Strip consumes only 72 watts at maximum brightness.
  • 250 watts: If it were an incandescent bulb, LED Strip would fill your room with 250 watts of brightness when emitting white light.
  • Kelvin: LED Strip is capable of producing colours and whites between 3000 and 6500 Kelvin.
  • Dim as you desire: A powerful 5,000 lumens at max brightness, LED Strip can be dimmed anywhere from 100% to just 1%.
  • Wireless range: Control LED Strip across your home; LED Strip can be up to 150 metres from other Z-Wave devices.
  • Gen5: LED Strip utilises Aeotec's leading Gen5 technology for perfect fastest response times and functionality.
  • Lumens: 5,000 lumens at 3000 to 6500 Kelvin in each strip, and 1100 lumens per metre.
  • Waterproof to IP65: So that it's not impacted when you clean or mop, each strip is waterproofed to an IP65 level.
  • Repeater inside: It doesn't just benefit your home, but your home control system too; LED Strip acts as a Z-Wave Plus repeater.
  • Z-Wave Plus: Because it's powered by Aeotec's Gen5, LED Strip is also built upon the latest Z-Wave: Z-Wave Plus.
  • 5 metre length: Fill a full room with perfect light; LED Strip measures 5 metres / 197 inches. It can also be cut to size at 8 inch intervals.

Aeotec ZW121-A Product Specifications:

  • LED Strip Length: 16.5 ft / can be cut to size (about every 12 in / 1ft)
  • Maximum Length of LED Strip: 16.5 ft (total of 72W), the strip cannot be extended past its maximum length
  • Operating temperature: 32°F to 104°F (0°C to 40°C)
  • Operating humidity: 8% to 80%
  • Operating distance: Up to 492 feet/150 meters outdoors
  • Brightness: up to 11000 lm
  • Colors: 16 Million Colors, Cold White, Warm White
  • Possible color combinations: Cold + Warm White, Warm White Only, Cold White Only, RGB Colors only
  • Max brightness: 850 lumens
  • Rated color temperature: 4700K
  • Max operating power: 72W
  • Max standby power: 1.2W
  • Color temperature: 450 to 650 Kelvin for RGB color, 3000 to 3500 Kelvin for Warm white, 6500 to 8000 Kelvin for Cool white
  • LED Combinations: Cool White, Warm White, RGB Colors, Cool and Warm White
  • Beaming: Yes
  • Repeater: Yes
  • AES128 Security: Yes
  • Z-Wave Plus Certified: Yes
  • Bulb holder type: E26 for USA version
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