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TL280LE-AT - DSC PowerSeries Neo Dual-Path IP/LTE AT&T Alarm Communicator (Powered by Connect24)

TL280LE-AT - DSC PowerSeries Neo Dual-Path IP/LTE AT&T Alarm Communicator (Powered by Connect24)
TL280LE-AT - DSC PowerSeries Neo Dual-Path IP/LTE AT&T Alarm Communicator (Powered by Connect24)
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DSC TL280LE-AT Product Description:

The DSC TL280LE-AT is a wireless AT&T LTE/HSPA/Internet/Cellular/Dual-Path alarm communicator, that is compatible with the DSC PowerSeries Neo control panels. The TL280LE-AT ensures reliable back up alarm communication of the phone line for your home or business.

When the TL280LE-AT is connected to the PC-Link connector on a DSC HS2016/HS2032/HS2064/HS2128 control panel(s), the alarm reporting paths can be combined through the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), if so desired, plus the cellular network and internet for increased redundancy to the GeoArm central monitoring station. It conveniently utilizes the cellular network and Internet as back-up to ensure high speed, reliable and secure alarm communications to alleviate any concerns about the possibility of phone line disruption.

With 128-bit AES encryption of the alarm signal, central stations, and DIYer's can be assured that this is the most secure alarm communicator offered. And with programmable (by seconds) supervision heartbeats, the TL280LE-AT communicator's availability is fully monitored. The TL280LE-AT offers full data reporting and remote management which saves time and reduces the maintenance costs. Also, the TL280LE-AT is used as a fundamental tool to deliver visual verification to reduce the high costs that can be incurred by false alarms and unnecessary site-checks.

As more and more homes or businesses move away from traditional phone lines, towards VoIP (Voice over IP) or mobile phones, alternate delivery methods for alarm communication must be explored for security systems. The TL280LE-AT conveniently utilizes the cellular and internet network to reduce the need for dedicated phone lines and/or the impact of phone line interruption. The TL280LE-AT is an ideal solution for both residential and small to medium business environments.

Product Features:

  • Back up and primary cellular alarm communication
  • Panel remote uploading/downloading support via cellular
  • Supervision heartbeats via cellular
  • 128-bit AES encryption via cellular and Ethernet/Internet
  • Automatically switches from LTE to HSPA (3G) service if LTE service is not available
  • Individual internet and/or cellular periodic test transmission
  • Integrated call routing
  • Remote firmware upgrade capability of the communicator and panel firmware via Ethernet and/or cellular
  • SIA and Contact ID (CID) formats supported
  • Supervision heartbeats sent via ethernet/internet
  • Full event reporting using SIA or Contact ID protocol
  • SIM Card (included)
  • Remote activating and programming through C24 Communications
  • UL standard & encrypted line security
  • ULC passive or active line security levels
  • Antenna Extension Kits available: LT-15ANT, LT-25ANT, LT-50ANT
  • Signal strength and trouble display
  • PC-Link connection
  • Visual verification over internet and Cellular (requires Sur-Guard System 5 Receiver)
  • Communicator can be housed in separate cabinet using PCL-422 communicator remote mounting module
  • Command and Control via SMS
  • Programmable via DLS or keypad
  • Active Cellular account is required to use Internet function

DSC TL280LE-AT Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions (metal enclosure): 5.875" W x 4.5" D (150mm x 115mm)
  • Weight: 320 g (with mounting bracket)
  • Input Voltage: 10.8 - 12.5 VDC
  • Current Draw (Standby): 100 mA (internet only)
  • Current Draw (Standby): 120 mA (internet and cellular)
  • Alarm (Transmitting) Current: 400 mA
  • LTE Bands: B2, B4, B5, B12, B13
  • Operating Frequency: 850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz, 1900MHz, 2100MHz
  • Operating Environment: 40° to 104°F (5° to 40°C)
  • Relative Humidity: 5-93% Maximum (non-condensing)
  • Antenna Gain: 2.0dBi
  • Approvals Listings: FCC/IC, PTCRB, UL/ULC, CSFM

DSC TL280LE-AT Product Compatibility:

  • Compatible with HS2016/HS2032/HS2064/HS2128 control panels
  • Compatible with Sur-Gard System I-IP/II/III/IV/5 monitoring station receivers (SG-System 5 required for Visual Verification)
  • Compatible with PC5003C, PC4050C and PC405CAR cabinets
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