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TG-KIT - Telguard TGKITV04 Commercial Fire Cellular Verizon CDMA Alarm Communicator Converter Kit (Compatible with Most Panels)

TG-KIT - Telguard TGKITV04 Commercial Fire Cellular Verizon CDMA Alarm Communicator Converter Kit (Compatible with Most Panels)
Please Note: The Telguard TGKITV04 commercial fire cellular Verizon CDMA alarm communicator converter kit has been discontinued without replacement.

Telular TGKITV04 Product Description:

The Telular TGKITV04 cellular CDMA commercial fire alarm communicator from Telular will convert any existing traditional fire alarm system to cellular alarm monitoring. The TGKITLA1 is a control board only kit, that eliminates your phone line bill for two dedicated phone lines and sends your signals over the Verizon CDMA cellular networks.

The TGKITV04, now certified for Verizon's CDMA network makes the conversion of 2G Telguard commercial intrusion and fire communicators simple and affordable. With the kit, 2G versions of the TG-7, TG-7A, TG-7F, TG-7FM, TG-7FS and TG-7S can be easily upgraded without having to remove the existing enclosure, antenna or power supply.

In a matter of minutes, an installer simply replaces the 2G circuit board with a new TGKITV04 for 3G/4G networks without disturbing the site's UL certifications. This upgrade increases the longevity of a Telguard cellular unit.

Product Features:

  • TG-7 CDMA circuit board
  • PCB mounting and grounding screws
  • Includes mounting plate and accessories for chassis conversion of older devices
  • Automatic self-tests (5 min. & daily)
  • Full data reporting
  • Automatic self-tests (5 min. & daily)
  • Two programmable supervisory trip outputs
  • Alarm format support for SIA2, Contact ID, pulse (3x1, 4x2), modem IIe, & IIIa2 , DMP
  • Telephone line monitor built-in, with Standard Line Security
  • Available relay output for tripping the alarm control panel when a trouble condition occurs

Telular TGKITV04 Product Specifications:

  • Transmit Power: Cellular 850MHz Class 3 (200 mW) PCS band 1900MHz Class 2 (200 mW)
  • 12VDC/Battery Consumption: <32mA (Standby), 250mA (Transmission)
  • Utilizes transformer from existing communicator: 12VAC, 800mA UL listed plug-in
  • Radio Transceiver: Dual Band CDMA 1xRTT
  • UL Listings: Commercial Fire 864, Commercial Burglary 365 & 1610, Residential 985
  • Certifications: FCC part 15, 22, 24 and 68 compliant

Telular TGKITV04 Product Compatibility:

• ACD 12
• ACD 35
• ACD 50
• ACD 100
• HGD-0
• EXD-0

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