TG-7FS LTE-V - Telguard TG7LVF Universal Commercial Fire Cellular Verizon LTE Alarm Communicator (Compatible with Most Panels)

TG-7FS LTE-V - Telguard TG7LVF Universal Commercial Fire Cellular Verizon LTE Alarm Communicator (Compatible with Most Panels)
TG-7FS LTE-V - Telguard TG7LVF Universal Commercial Fire Cellular Verizon LTE Alarm Communicator (Compatible with Most Panels)
Item# TG7LVF01

Please Note: The Telguard TG7LVF commercial fire cellular Verizon LTE alarm communicator has been discontinued and replaced by the TG7LVF02 model number.

Telguard TG7LVF Product Description:

The Telguard TG-7FS LTE-V is a commercial-grade fire cellular alarm communicator. The TG7LVF transmits alarm signals from the fire panel over the Verizon digital cellular LTE network to the GeoArm central monitoring station.

Compliant with the 2016 Edition of NFPA 72, the TG-7FS LTE-V can serve as the sole communications path for the fire alarm system. It replaces all of the landlines currently dedicated to the master control unit. On average, cellular monitoring costs the end user significantly less than a dedicated landline. For each landline replaced with a TG-7FS LTE-V, the monthly communications bill decreases.

By being able to signal failures to the central station within sixty minutes of an outage, the TG-7FS LTE-V can be installed as the sole path for commercial fire installations.  For existing installations, all landlines can be swapped for a single TG-7FS LTE-V because of the new sixty minute supervision mode.

The TG-7FS LTE-V can also be installed as a backup path and upgraded to sole path at a later date. The TG7LVF is easy to install, economical, and UL Listed.

Product Features:

  • Certified for use on the Verizon LTE network for long, sunset-free installation.
  • Meets UL 864 requirements for sole, primary or backup path communications.
  • Minimizes false alarms by providing dual paths for self-tests.
  • Falls back to 3G/4G if an LTE network is not available, for extended network coverage.
  • Supports multiple alarm formats for SIA2, contact ID, pulse (3x1, 4x2), modem IIe & IIIa, DMP.
  • Full data reporting
  • Automatic self-test (60 min. & daily).
  • Power supply with battery harness.
  • Locking, red metal enclosure.
  • Two programmable supervisory trip outputs
  • Telephone line monitor built-in, with Standard Line Security
  • Two programmable supervisory trip outputs.

Telguard TG7LVF Product Specifications:

  • Transmit Power: 200 mW in all bands
  • Power Consumption: 60mA (Standby), 250mA (Transmission)
  • Transformer: 12VAC, 800mA UL listed plug-in.
  • Radio Transceiver LTE Bands: 4 & 13
  • Radio Transceiver Antenna: 9" dipole with 2dBi gain 12 ft. of cable and universal mounting bracket
  • Certifications: FCC part 15, 27 & 68 compliant
  • Dimensions: 7.5" H x 11.5" W x 3.5" D
  • Shipping Weight: 8lbs. (with transformer)
  • Operating Environment: 0°C to +50°C; Up to 95% humidity (non-condensing)
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