TG-1 Express LTE-A - Telguard TG1LAX Universal Residential Cellular AT&T LTE Alarm Communicator (Compatible with Most Panels)

TG-1 Express LTE-A - Telguard TG1LAX Universal Residential Cellular AT&T LTE Alarm Communicator (Compatible with Most Panels)
TG-1 Express LTE-A - Telguard TG1LAX Universal Residential Cellular AT&T LTE Alarm Communicator (Compatible with Most Panels)
Item# TG1LAX01

Please Note: The Telguard TG1LAX cellular AT&T LTE alarm communicator has been discontinued and replaced by the TG1LAX02 model number.

Telguard TG1LAX Product Description:

The Telguard TG1LAX is a universal cellular AT&T LTE alarm communicator intended for residential security. The TG1LAX utilizes power from the panel and converts any existing traditional security system for monitoring services. The TG1LAX communicator is designed to transmit full data from security and fire systems over the AT&T LTE cellular network to the GeoArm central monitoring station.

Today's modern family commonly chooses to use their cell phone or VoIP service instead of paying for a traditional phone line. This growing trend makes what was once the most common form of communication for the security system unavailable in many new installations. When there is no telephone service available, the Telguard model TG-1 Express LTE-A ensures that critical alarm information reaches the GeoArm central station.

By utilizing the panel for power, the TG-1 Express LTE-A eliminates the need for additional AC power or a backup battery. Using the panel for power simplifies installation, system design and load calculations. With HomeControl Flex, end users utilize a mobile app for Android, iPhone and Windows Phones to remotely arm their system with prebuilt automation rules. The free app comes ready to activate with the TG-1 Express LTE-A for all new installations and retrofits.

Additionally, end users have the option to include video capabilities with Arlo Wire-free HD Cameras, enabling remote viewing of eventtriggered clips, images and live video from anywhere, on a smartphone, computer or tablet.

Product Features:

  • Small, attractive enclosure.
  • Supports virtually all alarm formats (Contact ID, SIA2, and others) using dial capture for universal panel compatibility.
  • Certified for use on the AT&T LTE network for long, sunset-free installation.
  • Supports HomeControl Flex™ for remote arming, disarming and more.
  • Reduces install time by exclusively using the power and backup battery from the panel.
  • Power and dial capture over a single cable for greater flexibility.
  • Falls back to 3G/4G if an LTE network is not available for extended network coverage.
  • Panel downloading with the Telguard Virtual Modem.
  • Available trip input for reporting trouble conditions independent of the alarm panel.
  • Two (2) programmable supervisory trip outputs (STC) relays for reporting problem conditions from the TG-1 Express LTE-A to the panel.
  • Programmable automatic self-tests (daily, weekly or monthly) confirm the alarm path between Telguard, the cellular network, and the GeoArm central station..
  • Customer friendly LEDs display operating mode and signal strength. 128 bit AES (Advanced EncryptionStandard) encrypted alarm signals ensure authentication and security.

Telguard TG1LAX Product Specifications:

  • Transmit Power Consumption: 110 mA @ 12V
  • Nominal Power Consumption: 39 mA @ 12V DC
  • Radio Transceiver LTE Bands: 2, 4 & 17
  • Radio Transceiver 3G Bands: 2 & 5
  • Radio Transceiver Antenna: 5" dipole with a max gain of 3dBi
  • Certifications: FCC part 15, 22, 24 and 27 compliant
  • Dimensions (without antenna): 5.6" H x 2.9" W x 1.3" D (14.22cm H x 7.37cm W x 3.30cm D)
  • Shipping Weight: 1.1 lbs (499g)
  • Operating Environment: 0°C to +50°C; Up to 95% humidity (non-condensing)
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