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Qolsys IQ Wireless Glass Break Detector (QS-1410-840)
Qolsys IQ Wireless Glass Break Detector (QS-1410-840)
Item# QS-1410-840
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Qolsys QS-1410-840 Glassbreak Detector:

The Qolsys IQ glassbreak QS-1410-840 is specially designed to protect windows. Triggered by the pitch and frequency of breaking glass, they are effective within 25' of the windows. Make sure to mount the sensor at least 3.3 feet from desired protected window, and in line of sight (avoiding corners and doors blocking the sensor). They are typically mounted on the opposite wall or above windows on the ceiling.The IQ glass adds an extra level of perimeter defense to your door and window sensors. Featuring pattern-recognition technology for superior detection and false alarm immunity, protects all glass types up to 1/4". The QS-1410-840 easily mounts to walls/ceilings and operates when system is place in "Stay" or "Away" mode. The IQ glass is not guaranteed to "hear" through walls or thick curtains.

Product Features:

  • Up to 25' range
  • LED light activates when device detects sound
  • Connects using RF 319.5MHz
  • Sensor detects the sound of breaking glass
  • 360° Omni-directional coverage
  • Optional external contact connection
  • Enrollment button - Only used for enrolling
  • Strong, reliable RF Signal
  • 4-6 year battery life on CR123A battery
  • Low Battery indication

Qolsys QS-1410-840 Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 4.25H x 3.13W x 1.7D in.
  • Mounting Spec - At least 3.3 feet from windows being protected, and 4 feet from sources of noise
  • Mounting hardwired - #4 or #6 screws
  • Replacement battery - CR123A 1550mAH
  • Temperature Range : 14°F - 120°F

Q & A's : QS-1410-840 Qolsys IQ Wireless Glassbreak Detector

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